20 Christmas Gifts to Get For Your Home in 2017

Has your house been good to you all year long? Then don’t forget about it when the holidays and time rolls around! When you’re making your own Christmas list, remember to add a few gifts for your house as well. Just like you, your house wants to be stylish in the new year and equipped with all the latest and greatest finishes, flooring, and gadgets. (Pssst, gifts for your house are actually gifts for the whole family.) If you need help brainstorming, here is our personal list of 20 great, stylish upgrades, décor, things, electronics, and whatchamacallits your house will love for Christmas in 2017.

The Kitchen

  1. Dramatic Colored Cabinets – The pristine white kitchen is out! (With your hectic life, how was it ever in?) For 2018, consider giving your cabinets a dramatic facelift with a bold, eye-catching color. Forest green is popular, as are navy blue and even jewel-toned fuchsia.
  2. Open Layout – This isn’t a new trend, but if entering your kitchen still feels like walking into a sardine can, it’s time to knock out that front wall and open up your space to the rest of your house. An open design makes your house feel bigger and lets you more easily interact with your guests while entertaining.
  3. Wine Cellar – If you love vino, then it’s time to stop stashing your favorite bottles in the pantry. This trendy, affordable wine cellar from Costco fits right under your kitchen counter and stores 54 bottles of your favorite pinots, cabs, merlots, and more!
  4. Laminate Flooring – This isn’t your mother’s laminate floors! Today’s top brands hold up to your hectic life and give you years of use. You can find laminate that looks almost exactly like wood flooring, marble, or tile without nearly the same upkeep requirements. Best of all, laminate is very affordable and a perfect option for a kitchen remodel on a budget.

Dining Room and Living Room

  1. Elegant Chandeliers – You need at least one visually daring element in your dining room. Make it an elegant chandelier. Impress your guests with a beautiful chandelier that provides excellent mood lighting for your big Christmas dinner. Here is a unique chandelier favorite from Lowes.
  2. Velvet Furniture – Cold, modern furniture is giving way to fun shapes, colors, and fabrics. In a world where we’re often touching the smooth surface of a phone screen or keyboard all day, velvet offers a warm and welcoming feel. Consider re-upholstering your furniture in a velvet fabric. Too expensive? Add some velvet pillows in bold colors. Check out this beautiful lavender loveseat from World Market with a velvet-like finish.
  3. Amazon Echo System – Alexa will play your music, tell you a joke, and report on the weather upon your request. Now you can have Alexa at your command throughout your home with the Echo Plus and an Echo Dot in each room.
  4. Found Treasures – We know that Amazon, Anthropologie, Pier 1, IKEA, Target, and even Costco are filled with great furnishing treasures, but there’s something to be said for filling your home with one-of-a-kind finds. Take a stroll through your local antique shop and discover something unique with a story to tell to put on your bookshelf, above your fireplace, or in that empty spot in the corner.

The Bedroom

  1. Patterned Sheets – You spend eight hours a night in the bedroom, so add a little whimsy to the room’s design with patterned sheets. No more boring creams or beiges. We love these fun sheets from Target, and these, and these!
  2. Closet Organizer – Yes, it’s finally time to organize that closet and utilize the space to its best ability. Closet organizers give you loads of extra room, and can make finding an outfit in the morning when you’re running late for work a breeze. We really like this PAX closet organizer from IKEA.
  3. Faux Finishes – The budget remodeler can’t overlook the ease, beauty, and low price point that faux finishes allow for a nice bedroom upgrade. Ditch the cans of paint and try out some removable wallpaper, cool wall decals, and even faux wooden beams to give the room a rustic feel. Fill your bedroom with love with this heart-centered wall decal on Amazon. You can’t beat the price!

The Bathroom

  1. Roman Shower – A Roman shower, or walk-in shower, is not only gorgeous (and a little sexy too), but it can also be part of a universal design bathroom remodel. The lack of a door makes it easy for anyone, including those with limited mobility to enjoy a hot, relaxing shower.
  2. Mosaic Tiles – In a previous article, we talk about how much we love mosaic tiles in Mediterranean style houses. Specifically, we recommend using glass tile to give your bathroom a fun splash of color.
  3. Clawfoot Bathtub – Just because it’s a bathroom doesn’t mean it has to be starkly utilitarian. A clawfoot bathtub is an excellent showpiece and a fun way to get in a nice soak after a long day of work! We like how this Barclay cast iron clawfoot tub combines old-school style with modern convenience.

Whole House

  1. Nest Security System – The Nest Secure system was designed as a security system that’s easy to live with. Also, since it’s Nest, you have full control of the system on your phone. The system relies on a Nest Guard, with alarm and keypad and small, unobtrusive Nest Detect devices that you can place around windows and doors. A Nest Tag allows friends and family members to disarm the system without putting in a passcode.
  2. Karaoke Machine – Amp up the fun in your house with this cool Akai karaoke machine, available at Costco. The device accepts CDs and is also Bluetooth enabled so you won’t be tethered to the device. A great treat to bring out while you’re entertaining (and after everyone’s thrown back a few spiked egg nogs).


  1. Solar Panels – Solar panels are getting more affordable every year, and solar panel companies offer all sorts of financing options, including the ability to rent solar panels for no money down and a guaranteed rate for electricity usage. If you want to live a greener life in 2018, solar panels are a good start.
  2. Fire Pit – If you want to extend your outdoor hosting season, especially if you live in a moderate climate, like San Diego, then a fire pit is where it’s at. There’s nothing like gathering around the fire pit, wine glass in hand, to watch the stars come out with good friends. We love this propane fire pit from Lowe’s with space for food and drinks.
  3. String Lights – The nights come quick in the winter, but that doesn’t mean you have to go inside. String lights add mood as well as lighting to your outdoor area. They look glamorous but are amazingly affordable. Our favorites are these solar-powered string lights from Home Depot. (They’re described as Christmas lights, but you can totally keep them up all year long.)
  4. Succulents – The last item on our list is for our San Diego readers. If you want a beautiful yard that requires little upkeep and even less water, then embrace our desert environment by planting succulents. Succulents come in many different shapes and sizes, but all of them are perfectly adapted to handle our long, low-water summers. Plant them and forget about them!

We hope our list will spark some great ideas for your own house Christmas list. If you think that 2018 might be the year to finally invest in that remodel you’ve been dreaming about, please give us a call if you live in the San Diego area. We would love to schedule a consultation and help you plan!

Otherwise, from our family at Kaminskiy Design & Remodeling to yours, we wish you a very happy Christmas, Hanukah, and holiday season.