Bathroom Storage Solutions

Besides, being a place to shower and take care of business, your bathroom serves double duty (no pun intended) as a storage room for toiletries, towels, toilet paper, beauty products, and more. 

But keeping everything tidy and organized can be a hassle. Bathrooms are small, most of the things we store in them need to be readily accessible, and damp is a constant problem. 

Here are a few simple storage tips that can help you make the most of your bathroom storage space. 

Start by Cleaning and Decluttering

As with any room, organizing the bathroom starts with decluttering and cleaning. Figure out what absolutely has to stay and what you can store elsewhere, like in a hall closet. 

Obviously, you need towels in the bathroom, but do you need to store all your towels there? You’ll be surprised how much space you have to work with once you clear everything out. 

 “A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place”

This wise old idiom is good advice for tidying any small room. There usually isn’t much storage space to spare, even in the most luxurious bathrooms

You can solve most of your bathroom headaches by just having a system for where to put things. 


Labels are a great way to keep everything organized once you have your system. Bought a new volcanic mask or some snail cream? Those go with the skin care supplies. 

Labels make packing easy when you go on a trip. With labels, a complete stranger could find everything they need in your bathroom. Not sure why you’d want a stranger in your bathroom, but they’d know where to find the leave-in conditioner anyway. 

Clear containers

With see-through containers, you don’t have to go through drawers to see where everything is. 

Avoid Counter Catastrophes

The area around your sink is one of the worst clutter culprits. It’s just so easy to set things down there when you’re done using them. Before you know it, your sink has become an open junk drawer. 

Use countertop organizers, like these ones Country Living recommends. Figure out what you need to have available on the counter and what you can store elsewhere. If you share a sink, have separate organizers for everyone who uses it. 

If you’re remodeling your bathroom and have two sinks, consider installing shelves or cabinets up the middle. 

Use the Walls

Put up shelves and hanging organizers on your walls to multiply the square footage available for storage in your bathroom. 

Wall storage can make all the difference in a small bathroom where space is at a premium.  

Organize Under the Sink

It’s easy for the space under the sink to become a bottomless pit. To avoid this, have shelves, containers, and organizers for everything. Stackable storage and drawers work well here.  

Use the Cabinet Doors

Just like your walls, the backs of cabinet doors have under-used storage potential. Use baskets, hooks, and mounted organizers. A magnetic strip mounted on the inside of the cabinet door can hold all your easily lost metal things like tweezers and nail clippers.  

Tame the Cables

Hair dryers, hair straighteners, toothbrush chargers, and anything else you plug in should have its own storage. Unruly cables have a way of taking up even more room than the devices they power.

Organize the Shower

Most of what’s in your shower gets used every day. Iit doesn’t make much sense to store your shower essentials somewhere out of reach. But you can organize everything with shower caddies. Something as basic as a small basket for your shampoo and soaps can make it all look a little less cluttered. 

You can hang a small shelf from your showerhead for items like razors you want to keep dry-ish when they’re not in use. You can also get hooks for hanging shampoo and conditioner bottles at eye-level. 

Storage can Look Good

Good Housekeeping’s storage tips for a tiny bathroom recommends using a bar cart for towels and miscellaneous storage. Country Living has some crafty ideas like a towel rack made out of the back of an old chair.

Sure, you might still stack a few rolls of toilet paper on top of the toilet tank, but just putting them in a nice basket can class things up a notch. 

There’s no reason bathroom storage has to be all rubberized and waterproof. Get creative. Have fun! 

Clean your Containers

Bathroom storage takes a lot of abuse. Not only are bathrooms damp a lot of the time, but bathroom containers have a nasty habit of accumulating residue and crud from whatever you put in them like that toothbrush cup with who knows what at the bottom. 

Be sure to clean your bathroom storage containers regularly and pay extra attention to the ones that are constantly wet like your shower caddy and soap dish. 


Bathroom storage is a quick fix that can improve the feel of your bathroom and help you get more out of the space you have to work with. A few simple improvements in this area can change the way you start your day and might even make it easier to get along with the people with whom you share your bathroom. 


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