Bathroom Storage Solutions

Besides, being a place to shower and take care of business, your bathroom serves double duty (no pun intended) as a storage room for toiletries, towels, toilet paper, beauty products, and more.  But keeping everything tidy and organized can be a hassle. Bathrooms are small, most of the things we store in them need to… read more

Luxury Bathroom Design Trends

Luxury bathrooms are trending. As we talked about in our “Modern Bathroom Design” post, bathrooms are becoming more luxurious, and people are starting to see the humble bathroom as an oasis of calm and even a place to hang out.  Defining Luxury Bathroom Design Before we get into the specifics of a luxury bathroom, let’s… read more

Modern Bathroom Design, From bidets to bamboo

“Modern” can mean many things when it comes to bathrooms. It might be easier to define what is modern by looking at what isn’t. Bathrooms tucked away like an afterthought are not modern. Clutter is not modern. Built-in bathtubs are not modern, and neither are claw footed ones (unless they’re ironic or a statement piece.)… read more

2019 Toilet Trends

One inventor described the near future of bathroom design as “the decade of digitalization of the bathroom.” New technology like programmable taps and “super toilets” are already here. These recent innovations are combining with things like bidets and ergonomic toilets, that have been around for a long time in other parts of the world, to… read more

Is That Remodeling Project Going to Give You The Best ROI?

Cost vs. Value of Remodeling in 2019 Are you thinking about remodeling but don’t know which project to start with? One smart way to narrow down your options is to focus on the ones with the highest ROI, adding the maximum value to your home at the best price. Given the current state of the… read more

Luxury Bathroom Remodel Without The Luxe Price Tag

Maybe you grimace every time a guest asks to be pointed in the direction of your bathroom. Maybe you go out of your way to avoid having overnight guests, in fear that they’ll wind up spending any sort of time in your outdated, unsightly space! Maybe, you’ve decided you want your guest bathroom to feel… read more

How to Prepare for a Home Remodel in 2018

You’ve spent 2017 gushing over your best friend’s kitchen remodel and watching your neighbor’s home transform with a gorgeous room addition. Even though you’ve been liking all those Before and After remodel pics on Facebook, something else in your heart has been stirring. You’ve got a touch of remodel envy. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal…. read more

20 Christmas Gifts to Get For Your Home in 2017

Has your house been good to you all year long? Then don’t forget about it when the holidays and time rolls around! When you’re making your own Christmas list, remember to add a few gifts for your house as well. Just like you, your house wants to be stylish in the new year and equipped… read more

How to Pull Off a Universal Design Bathroom Remodel

  Thinking about remodeling a bathroom in your San Diego home? You may want to consider all the different people who will use it. Do you have elderly parents or grandparents who live in the home or visit? Do you want to make sure a friend in a wheelchair is comfortable the next time she… read more

Five Ways to Tell If You Need to Hire a Professional for Your Bathroom Remodel

You can’t live with your bathroom one minute longer. Maybe it’s too small, too old, or just plain ugly. Whatever the reason, it’s time for a change. The first major question to answer before you even think of picking up a sledge hammer or paint swath is whether you will be performing the bathroom remodel… read more

Get The Fix on Kitchen and Bathroom Fixtures

When it comes to kitchen and bathroom remodels, fixtures are one of the most underestimated design elements. With even subtle changes, you can shift a room’s mood, theme, and visual flow. Replace outdated faucets, lighting, and hardware for a quick, easy refresh, or restore old ones to add vintage charm. The versatility of bathroom and… read more

Bathroom Remodel Ideas for San Diegans

There are lots of benefits to living in San Diego: jealousy-inducing weather, a laid-back atmosphere, and orange-sherbet sunsets. But our favorite part? The creativity this city inspires. Local designers are finding innovative ways to capture the essence of San Diego, from beach-themed to historic to desert-friendly, and beyond. Here are some bathroom remodel ideas sure… read more