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Interior Design Trends for San Diegans in 2018

Is anyone else having a hard time believing we’re nearly six months into 2018? With every new year comes inspiration and with it, stunning interior design trends that you just might want to consider bringing into your San Diego home. Let’s take a look at some of the trends we’ve seen thus far, and what… read more

Thanks Uncle Sam! Revamp Your Home with Your Tax Refund

Ah, April. You bring us so many beautiful things: budding, bright spring blooms, brighter, warmer, longer days, and early signs of the start of something heavenly – San Diego summer. Oh yeah! Did we forget to mention one of our favorite tidings that April brings? A nice little (or fingers crossed, not so little!) check… read more

How to Set the Budget for the Remodel of Your Dreams

You’ve decided to break ground on your dream San Diego home remodel. Maybe you have visions of a grand master bathroom built around a freestanding marble tub, worthy of a long soak. Maybe you’re yearning for granite kitchen countertops or a stainless steel double sink, sure to be the envy of your whole neighborhood. You’ve… read more

Is An Accessory Dwelling Unit The Right Addition to Your Home?

Is An Accessory Dwelling Unit The Right Addition to Your Home? Your neighbor has one. Your coworker has one. Your sister-in-law can’t stop raving about hers, and your mother has hinted at how wonderful it would be for her. It seems like everybody’s doing it. By it, we mean building an Accessory Dwelling Unit, or… read more

What the Property Brothers Can Teach You About Remodeling Your Home for Long-Term Value

  If you’ve watched the show Property Brothers on HGTV, then you know the drill. Drew Scott, real estate agent extraordinaire, takes his client to an absolutely gorgeous dream home and then drops the bomb. The perfect castle is always hopelessly out of the client’s price range. Zoom in on the client’s sad face. Not… read more

Hiring a Handyman for Your Home Remodel… What Could Go Wrong?

How to Decide If You Should Hire a Professional Contractor or a Handyman for Your Home Remodel It’s just a little project. Your cousin’s kid is an electrician, which means he and his buddy can definitely remodel your kitchen. Your neighbor swears by this guy they found on Craigslist. Can’t beat the price! We’ve heard… read more

Is Recessed Lighting the Right Choice for Your Home?

Much like Rodney Dangerfield, lighting often ‘don’t get no respect.’ It’s easy to overlook, and yet lighting guides the mood and style of a room. If you are considering updating the lighting in your home, one option you can’t afford to overlook is recessed lighting. This type of lighting is extremely versatile and can offer… read more

How to Get Your Remodel Started and Finished in 2018

You’ve heard the nightmare remodel stories from your friends – how the contractor promised that kitchen remodel would only take three weeks, and it took three months instead. You’ve heard about permits taking forever to pull, cabinets that never showed up, and walls painted horrid lime green because someone wrote down the wrong swatch. Now… read more

How to Prepare for a Home Remodel in 2018

You’ve spent 2017 gushing over your best friend’s kitchen remodel and watching your neighbor’s home transform with a gorgeous room addition. Even though you’ve been liking all those Before and After remodel pics on Facebook, something else in your heart has been stirring. You’ve got a touch of remodel envy. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal…. read more

Five Ways to Turn Your San Diego Room Addition into a Moneymaker

You’ve been itching to add a room addition to your San Diego home, but the price tag has you worried. Every remodel is an investment in your home, but how are you going to justify the cost to your spouse and your bank account? Fortunately, the room addition itself can be the answer. There are… read more

Taxes and Home Remodeling: Federal Deductions and Refunds

It’s tax season. Everyone is looking to make deductions when they can or is daydreaming about what they might do with their refund. When it comes to home renovation, many people might not know that their project can qualify for both. You likely spent a good amount of money on that bathroom remodel last year… read more

Types of Home Additions

A home addition can breathe new space and new life to your abode. Your search for the right addition can be based on many factors, including necessity, cost, and return on investment. Whether the additions coincides with a family addition or you just want more space, functionality equals value, to you as well as future… read more

For a Better Home, from Top to Bottom!

Beautiful kitchens, bedrooms and baths, as well as stunning outdoor seating and dining extravagance doesn’t all have to be a far-fetched dream.  Live in the home where you feel most relaxed, sophisticated, organized, and at peace.  With the most innovative technological advancements working to make home design a much more versatile art, it’s possible to… read more

Grow Your Home, Grow Your Life

For the ultimate in better home design, better home materials and updated home glory, Kaminskiy Design is your one-stop-shop.  Feel great about your home again with design that could have come straight out of a magazine, and with all of the elements that make up an amazing home atmosphere.  It can be easier than you… read more

For the Best Home Right Now

The best kitchen cabinets, counters, backdrops and floors are available for perusal and application in your home in San Diego with an expert home design and remodeling specialist ready to show you how fun, exciting and economical home remodeling can be.  Kaminskiy Design and Remodeling is an expert in making boring old homes come to… read more

Older Homeowners Choosing Remodeling Over Moving

A recent study by the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University shows that many of our baby boomer generation are choosing to remodel their homes than move.  Abbe Willie a research analyst on the Harvard research project said the trend is to remodel instead of incurring the expenses of moving.  Another reason is… read more

Houzz Releases Surprising Annual Remodeling Numbers

To the surprise of many of us, the numbers released by Houzz shows that Millennials (ages 25-34) have been very active in home remodeling projects.  Out of the 15,000 U.S. based millennial homeowners surveyed, this group is just as likely to remodel their homes as other groups surveyed like baby boomers.  According to the Millennials… read more

Better Summer Home Parties Await!

The heat of summer brings with it many wonderful opportunities to relax with family and friends and to enjoy all the natural beauty that San Diego offers.  Enjoy entertaining at your house this summer with a stunning and brilliant home or kitchen remodel from Kaminskiy Design and Remodeling!  With their amazing selection in everything from… read more

Kaminskiy Can Turn Your Home into a Welcoming Home!

Kaminskiy for a Welcoming Home! Get help designing and accomplishing the kitchen style, home design and bathroom ambiance of your dreams with the experts at Kaminskiy Design and Remodeling. We’ve all felt the immense difference in atmosphere and mood that even simple design upgrades such as a new kitchen color or bath color scheme can… read more

A Better Connection in a Lovelier Home

For the very best types of home designs that you have seen or admired in magazines or the homes of your friends, take the time to look into the wealth of great design in San Diego.  Bring the richness of the beautiful outdoors creatively into your home.  Also, incorporate some of the fantastic sights and… read more