Thinking of a Home Remodel? Here Are 7 Reasons to Go to a Home Show

Dreaming of a fabulous new kitchen, a universal designed  bathroom, or an entire home remodel? How do you get started? One option is to journey online to search out contractors, view polished pictures of finished remodels, and read advice articles (like this one). There’s nothing wrong with this approach, but what if you could meet… read more

Houzz Releases Surprising Annual Remodeling Numbers

To the surprise of many of us, the numbers released by Houzz shows that Millennials (ages 25-34) have been very active in home remodeling projects.  Out of the 15,000 U.S. based millennial homeowners surveyed, this group is just as likely to remodel their homes as other groups surveyed like baby boomers.  According to the Millennials… read more

6 Key Things to Consider Before Remodeling Your Home

A home remodel is very much like making a change to your investment portfolio.  Just like any large investment it is a good idea to sit down at the kitchen table and talk with your spouse or partner about the remodel. Sergei Kaminskiy, owner of the award winning Kaminskiy Design and Remodel a San Diego… read more

Better Homes for Better Days

Better Homes for Better Days Staying on top of home and kitchen color trends and design trends is a fun way to keep your home looking and feeling fresh.  Increase the functionality of your hardest to organize spots with some fresh new color and better storage solutions.  With a dependable and experienced home design pro… read more

Economic Recovery Contributes to Increase in Kitchen and Bath Remodels

The latest U.S. remodeling sentiment report is in from www.remodelormove.com indicating that the current U.S. economic recovery has favorable affected housing remodels.  Respondents are reporting that their average home equity is now $165,000 up from $115,000 in 2013.  This growth plus low interest rates and pent-up demand for home repair and improvements has helped fuel… read more

Enjoy a More Wonderful Home

The most stunning visual displays of your home are waiting, courtesy of a great home, bath and kitchen remodeler in San Diego near you!  If you dream of more style, better lighting, or less clutter dragging everyone down, learn of the better way with Kaminskiy Design and Remodeling.  With Kaminskiy Design and Remodeling on your… read more

Quick Home Improvement Ideas for the Holidays

Sergei Kaminskiy owner of San Diego Home Remodeling Company Kaminskiy Design and Remodeling shares a few tips to get your home ready for the holiday season ahead.  The holiday season is filled with family and friends visiting your home, and Sergei has some easy tips to improve your home for the holidays. “There are great… read more

Summer is Around the Corner and the Office is Buzzing with Our Outdoor Living Projects!

With summer right around the corner our office is buzzing creating beautiful outdoor living spaces for new clients.  Here in San Diego, CA we have the luxury of beautiful weather nearly year round.  And because of this luxury we can add outdoor living spaces to use when the weather is nice.  You may want to… read more

Survival Tips for Home Remodel

Survival Tips For Home Remodeling According to Kaminskiy Design of San Diego this is going to be a banner year for home remodeling.  Sergei Kaminskiy reports this being the busiest year he has seen since the Real Estate bust 7 years ago. Sergei says, “with home values on the increase, and homeowners not wanting to… read more

Re-Design for Peace of Mind

For your best home and life this summer season, get ready with a beautiful new makeover for your home, kitchen, office, or bath and surprise yourself with a better summer than you’ve had in ages! We know it’s hard doing what you do; tirelessly following the grind day in and day out, responsibly looking toward… read more

Have the Best Home for Your Family

Have the Best Home for You For the best home on the block you don’t have to go far.  Make your home the best you know by personalizing it to fit your family, friends and lifestyle in the best possible way. Kaminskiy Design and Remodeling has been here for years, helping San Diego homeowners like… read more

Home Remodeling Ideas

Finding the best ways to nurture and beautify a home can be a hard balance to strike, with so many options for floors, cabinets, lighting and outdoor seating.  With all of the possibilities it can be hard to make a plan that you will surely stick with and not change again and again.  Trust a… read more

Get Your Home in Shape for Summer

Get Your Home into Shape for Summer, Fast! When the warm weather and summer break hit you this year, don’t be caught off guard with these tips on the best ways to prepare for outdoor fun and frolic. Plan out the best seating arrangements for large gatherings versus small ones.  This will let you be… read more

Does Your Home Need a Makeover

Use the Pros for these No-Nos. There are times in life when we just want a change in scenery more than anything. In San Diego there are award-winning designers who work very hard to learn and master the secrets that make a home remodel into the best retreat the homeowners have ever visited. Get your… read more

Tips for a Remodel

San Diego Designers Know the Way Increase the peace and comfort that is felt in your home with a San Diego home, kitchen or bath remodel.  With a better planned and designed home layout, home organization and storage systems, the normal pitfalls of any home can be greatly alleviated.  If you have any concerns about… read more

Outdoor Living Spaces

Paradise Living, At Home! Enrich your home and life with the stunning accents and designs that a San Diego professional design and remodeler can offer.  With glamorously upgraded counters, cabinets, floors and lighting, any home that lacks something special will become rejuvenated.  With San Diego also being a prime location for outdoor living and seating… read more

For a Beautiful Tranquil Home

To experience the full joys and luxuries of your own home in San Diego, make sure that you are keeping all of the essentials in top shape and the style in perfect harmony with your passions and interests.  When a home reflects its inhabitants well, and offers them the peaceful haven we all crave in… read more

For the Sweetest Home

Starting out on your home ownership journey is an exciting and sometimes overwhelming experience.  If you have recently become a homeowner in San Diego and are feeling the worry and simultaneous elation that goes with it, you can find some excellent help for your concerns when you contact your local San Diego design and remodeling… read more

Beautiful Kitchen Makeovers

Kitchen makeovers and kitchen color ideas for any home design have always been a hot topic among San Diego homeowners who strive to live in comfort, organization and beauty.  Take some hints from the discoveries which they have made in their home design experiences and from the San Diego design and remodeling team which has… read more

Fresh Ideas for a Better Home

Staying on top of home and kitchen color trends and design trends is a fun way to keep your home looking and feeling fresh.  Increase the functionality of your hardest to organize spots with some fresh new color and better storage solutions.  With a dependable and experienced home design pro like Kaminskiy Design and Remodeling,… read more