How to Create a Functional Home Office that Looks Good, Too

Your home office is where the magic happens. It’s where juices flow, where noses hit grindstones, and where blood, sweat, and tears serve as currency. With so much important doings and goings-on in your home office, you’d better make sure that you set it up right. Step one is to create a functional space that will support you in your work but don’t overlook the need to create a well-designed sanctuary that will inspire your soul as well as your mind. Let’s look at how to create an efficient and well-designed home office for your San Diego home.

Choose Your Space

Start with this thought – you are going to be spending a lot of time in your home office. Make sure you find a space that is conducive to good work.

No, it is not a good idea to create your home office in the dining room where distractions will proliferate, and you certainly shouldn’t squeeze yourself into the attic right next to your boxes of Christmas lights.

Pick a space with:

Furniture and Flow

You wouldn’t buy a pair of used running shoes in order to train for a marathon just because they are on sale, right? Then why would you buy a cheap office chair or take that teeny-tiny desk your neighbor is throwing out?

Each piece of office furniture, from your computer to your mousepad is a tool that will either help you succeed or hold you back. That doesn’t mean you have to buy the most expensive option or insist on every bell and whistle on principle. It does mean that you shouldn’t scrimp or accept less than what you really want.

Spend a little extra money on an ergonomic chair, a wrist rest, and a mouse that molds to your hand. You can’t do good work with an aching back or throbbing wrists. Buy that extra monitor to increase your productivity and the multipurpose laser printer that will print big files in a few seconds instead of a few minutes. Take your time in choosing your desk. It’ll practically be a partner in your business!

As you assemble your furniture, consider the flow of your office. Can you easily get to your desk? Is there adequate space for you to hold meetings? Do you like the way the sun filters through the room? Do you have easy access to shelves and drawers? Make sure the footpath is clean and easy to traverse.

A Place for Every Object

It’s easy for visual clutter to become mental clutter. Poorly organized workspaces can also zap your productivity as you scramble to find the right paperwork or keep knocking over your stapler every time you reach for your water bottle.

As you begin to lay out your office, consider creating a place for every object that will keep it out of your way when you don’t need it and give you easy to access when you do.

You can perform wonders of storage and organization even in a small office using these tricks:

Heck, just type in “organizers” on Amazon, and you’ll enter a world of smart storage. Of course, the key is to actually use it. If pens, folders, and envelopes tend to mysteriously migrate out of their places and into messy piles on your desk, challenge yourself to put away each object as soon as you are done using it.

The Design Factor

This is your home office, not a soulless cubicle. You can do better than just hanging an adorable kitten calendar. Make this workspace your own by giving it a design that’s all you. Your office should be a space that delights and inspires you. It should rev up your creative energy instead of zap it away. Consider adding some color.

Think about whether you want to create a design theme in your office. Are you a wedding florist? Your theme is flowers, flowers, and flowers!

The Final Touch

You’ve got your room, your furniture, your flow, and your home office design. What’s left but to get to work?  Not so fast. Here are just a few more final touches to consider.

Not Every House Comes with a Perfect Office Space

If your San Diego home doesn’t have that perfect office space, that doesn’t mean you have to move or cram your desk into the master closet. Contact Kaminskiy Design & Remodeling to discuss a room addition remodel. A room addition is a big project, but it also means you can design your home office exactly the way you want and even build in shelving and furniture to perfectly fit your workspace.

We get the job done so that you can get your job done in your new San Diego home office. Contact us today.