How to Know When it’s Time to Launch that Remodel

Like any big decision, the question of when to remodel can make you freeze. You want to make the right choice. It feels like there’s so much on the line; the literal roof over your head. The thing is, there’s no such thing as “ready” or “the perfect time” for anything. Waiting for all the stars to align before you start your project is a good way to make sure it never happens. 

It’s important to have a plan. It’s really important to have a budget. But other than that, there’s a lot you’ll figure out as you go along. 

So how do you know it’s time to take the first step towards that remodel that so far you’ve only talked or dreamed about?

Here are a few reasons you might want to get started. Some are personal. Some are practical. At the end of the day, it’s your house and your decision. 

When You’re Looking to Sell

Remodeling will likely boost your resale value and curb appeal. If you plan on selling but not right away, you can enjoy your home improvements in the meantime knowing that you’ll get back some or all of your costs when it’s time to sell. 

The ROI of different projects can determine your plans. Check out our post on remodeling ROI to learn more. 

When your Family Grows or your Needs Change

Expecting kids? Kids moving out? Kids moving back in? 

Any time the number of residents in your home changes is a good time to think about remodeling. You might want to do more than just add a suite or spruce up the guest room. Pairing rooms is a smart way to save money on big changes to your house. This could be a good time to tackle all those little projects you’ve been considering. 

When Cleaning and Repair Become Part-Time Jobs

Houses get old. Floors wear down. Grout gets grimy. Eventually, you may find you’re better off updating the rooms that need constant attention. 

Clutter is another sign that you might be ready. Sometimes we accumulate stuff faster than our surroundings can handle. Our closet and cupboard needs change over time. This problem isn’t always obvious in the first few years of owning a home. 

When your Home Feels Dated

Shabby isn’t always chic. There’s a big difference between mid-century modern and the kitchen that time forgot. You know the difference when you see it, and living in a dated house or even a house with a couple dated rooms can feel like you’re stuck in the last century. 

When not Remodeling is Costing you Money

All shag carpet jokes aside, sometimes having a dated home actually runs up expensive bills. Out of date appliances not only provide less utility and look bad, but they also cost a fortune to run. If you go to, you can calculate exactly how much you’re wasting every year you hang on to that old fridge. 

When you can Afford it

Maybe you have a plan and you’ve been saving up. Maybe you won the lottery or got a big bonus. 

Remodeling is an upgrade to your home. It can be like moving without moving and at a much lower cost. 

If you’re remodeling a second home you use as a rental property, your remodeling costs can be written off in your taxes.

Finance Superhero recommends estimating your budget and adding 15-20% to that number. For budgeting help, you can give us a call anytime. 

When you’ve Redecorated and you’re still not Happy

When you know you want to change something but you’re not sure about a full-on remodel, try redecorating. Rearrange the furniture or get something new. See what a little paint or lighting or new blinds can do for a room. 

If you’ve tried all that and you’re not in love with the results, remodeling might be the call. 

When you’ve been Thinking and Talking about it FOREVER

One sign that you’re ready is that you’ve been thinking and talking about the project for as long as you can remember and your family and friends are sick of hearing about it. 

Of course it’s a good idea to think things through, but when you’ve had the same idea for a while and you’re still into it, it might just be a good idea. Once your dream has stood this test of time, you might be ready to make it a reality. 

When you Want to

Remodeling isn’t all about crunching numbers and due diligence. It’s completely valid to base your remodeling plans on your emotions and personal tastes. You’re free to do whatever you want with it (or at least whatever zoning laws will let you get away with.) 

Don’t be afraid to design your heart or your gut. Maybe you’ve always wanted a walk-in closet or a sports den. Go for it. Your brain can work out the details. 

If you’re bored with your current surroundings, that’s another good reason. Nobody should hate where they live. 

“Because” can be a complete sentence. Don’t feel the need to explain your reasons for remodeling. It’s your home; make it your own. 

Give us a call when you’re ready to remodel. We’re ready when you are.