Interior Design Trends for San Diegans in 2018

open kitchen designIs anyone else having a hard time believing we’re nearly six months into 2018? With every new year comes inspiration and with it, stunning interior design trends that you just might want to consider bringing into your San Diego home. Let’s take a look at some of the trends we’ve seen thus far, and what we can expect for the rest of 2018!


Smart Kitchen

This year, we’ve seen even more of a tremendous upswing in the use of technology in the kitchen remodel than previous years. Homeowners are selecting smart appliances that can make their lives – and kitchen usage – easier, more streamlined, and simply…’smarter’.  Luckily, 2018 makes it easier than ever to fully integrate technology into our homes, and kitchens. From appliances to faucets and everything in between.


Ceiling Details

Considered the 5th wall, ceilings as an ‘afterthought’ are so 2017. This year, we’ve seen homeowners selecting stunning ceiling details with such personality: applied moldings, cornicing, exposed beans, georgian ceilings, even the simplest of details add such depth. Statement ceilings – consisting of tiles – are even in.


Colorful Kitchens

A clean, classic, white kitchen will always be a gorgeous look but in 2018, trends are calling for brighter, bolder hues. We’ve seen an increase in kitchen color ranging from the cabinets to walls to even the sink materials. Richer, bolder color choices like charcoals, natural neutrals, even sage are in for the kitchen this year.


Lower Cabinets Only  

A kitchen is often the heart of the family home, so it’s no surprise that when it comes to interior design trends – this room is a focal point. A trend we’ve seen the rise of in 2018 supports the call for more ‘lived-in’, utilized center for the entire family: lower cabinetry rather than upper. For homeowners with large enough kitchen space, opting for floor level cabinetry is an incredibly impactful design trend, giving the cabinets a more ‘furniture’ like feel and a certain open, airy appearance to the space. Consider opting for 2018’s beloved warm wood tones as opposed to painted cabinets for a richer, more sophisticated feel.


Hidden Range Hoods

While we’re big fans of stunning statement range hood – the ideal focal point in any kitchen – this year, we’ve seen the rise of hidden range hoods, especially in more ‘compact’ spaces. We’re seeing ‘hidden’ hoods behind elegant cabinetry, coupled with under-cabinet outlets to maximize the space and give the room a larger feel.


Tiles, Tiles, Tiles

Tiles have reigned supreme, so it’s no surprise that in 2018, we’re seeing nothing but tiles! Encaustic tiles, cement tiles, and subway tiles, and large format tiles, that is. Whether on backsplashes, walls, floors or even ceilings, 2018 is the year of tile but let’s not forget contrasting grout. Subway tile may still be ‘in’ this year (and most likely, always will be a classic look!) but to give it a new spin, create a distinction with bold, darker grout. A trend we expect to see more? Fish-scale patterned backsplash: the new, flashy cousin to subway tile. This simple, classic scalloped look offers move movement and an added level of interest to the space, ideal for a bathroom or kitchen.


Heavy Metal

Mixing metals is in (again) thanks 2018! Warm-toned fixtures coexisting happily with stainless appliances, chrome has had a major comeback, mixing the cool tones and warm aesthetics of various metal finishes is a popular trend this year, especially in the kitchen. Must have metal? We’re seeing an increase in concrete, stone, and even copper sinks.


Bringing the Outside In

For those of us lucky enough to live in San Diego, we want to celebrate the fact that we live in absolute paradise, by bringing the outdoors well…in. Incorporating nature into your home’s interior design has always been a popular choice but never more so than in 2018. Natural elements such as concrete, marble, wood are giving homes a natural palette that is all that rage. Bringing the outside in doesn’t end there: consider adding a potted tree like the Fiddle Leaf, lush house plants, linen drapery, straw or wicker seating, or even large statement pieces like raw wood coffee tables to create a neutral, calming oasis in your San Diego home.


All that Glitters is Gold

Last year brought us metallics, this year? Gold. An elegant finish hat certainly hold it’s own in any room, lending a sense of elegance to the space. This year, we’ve seen favoritism of gold detailing with handles and door knobs, statement pieces like gold lamps and picture frames. If you’d like to bring a bit of gold into your San Diego home but are unsure of how to do so, start slow. Consider adding a touch of gold accessories for a sophisticated yet understated statement to any room.


Open Plan Dining

Open, open, open. Did we say open? Yes, another trend in 2018 revolving around lighter, brighter, airy-feeling spaces. Open dining rooms are in this year, and we’re seeing a great shift in ‘dining rooms’ that will maximize usability and sociability, it seems. Homeowners are requesting a more open concept for this family space, creating a sense of flow from the kitchen to the dining room, and all throughout the space.


Soft Edges & Arches

Welcome back, arches and curves, thank you for joining us. Softer edges are everywhere in 2018 – from hallways to doors, to windows and arched alcoves, even furniture. This smooth, soft look mixes seamlessly with other elements in the home and showcases beautifully.

2018 has brought us a myriad of beautiful interior design trends for San Diego homes, and we look forward to seeing what’s big on your must-have list for the rest of the year.