Kitchen Island Ideas

kitchen islandA Kitchen Island Will Bring Island Paradise to Your Kitchen

When considering a kitchen renovation there is a lot to consider, custom cabinets, granite counter tops, top of the line appliances, flooring but don’t forget the kitchen island if possible.  Designers and Real Estate agents are saying that a kitchen island is a must have and adds great value.  Sergei Kaminskiy owner of a leading San Diego kitchen remodeler says “many of our kitchen remodels now include the kitchen island, and many smaller condos are opting to remove the dining area with a large kitchen island that can be used as the main dining area freeing up space for main living area”.

Today’s homeowners are embracing the kitchen island and for good reason.  Adding a kitchen island can dramatically improve a kitchen’s appearance and functionality.  The kitchen island will add more storage space, a new focal point, and create an excellent place to eat meals.  Sergei says “many of the expensive issues with adding a kitchen island years ago are now much simpler, like adding plumbing or gas to an island is no longer cost prohibitive as it once was”.  Sergei recommends adding the plumbing and sink or range to island as it usually helps with the work flow in kitchen and opens up counter space.

Sergei also recommends when designing your new kitchen island to add charging stations for mobile devices, lighting, architecture and design touches such as decorative legs, and countertops and cabinetry that contrast with those around the perimeter of the kitchen.  Sergei says, “the kitchen is the gathering place for family and friends, having a modern design and functionality helps make it more enjoyable and really adds value to the home”.

Kitchen remodeling is one of the most popular trends in home improvement.  Sergei says “a kitchen remodel offers one of the best ROI when a home is sold, usually a homeowner can expect a 70-80% return on investment”.

Kaminskiy Design and Remodeling was founded in March 2005 by Sergei and Elena Kaminskiy.  Considered to be one of San Diego’s top kitchen and home remodeling companies.  They have won kitchen remodeler of the year by San Diego  Union Tribune 2010-2014.