Luxury Bathroom Remodel Without The Luxe Price Tag

guest bathroom design ideasMaybe you grimace every time a guest asks to be pointed in the direction of your bathroom. Maybe you go out of your way to avoid having overnight guests, in fear that they’ll wind up spending any sort of time in your outdated, unsightly space! Maybe, you’ve decided you want your guest bathroom to feel as luxurious and high end as your master bath, without the price tag. Giving your guests an oasis within your San Diego home for a few seconds of solitude is a welcomed addition, with the bonus benefit of a 60% return on average. A gorgeous guest bath remodel doesn’t have to break the bank, we’ll show you how.


Embrace the Current Design if Possible

The best things in life aren’t exactly free, especially when it comes to a guest bathroom remodel. Often, the costliest aspect of such a project is a result of homeowners deciding to relocate a toilet, sink or bathtub within the space – que to costly, extensive plumbing installation, labor and expenses. Embracing the current layout of your guest bathroom frees up the majority of your allotted amount to focus on upgrades to the space, creating a more luxurious feel without running the risk of busting your budget.


Keep it Neat & Neutral

With your master bath remodel, your personal preference reigns king, but when considering a guest bathroom remodel, your goal should be to appeal to the masses: your mother-in-law, your best friend from college, your spouse’s boss, and everyone in between. You want to achieve a clean, classic, visually appealing look that can stand the test of time – and well-meaning, unexpected guests. To best achieve this, we suggest sticking to a neat, neutral look – potentially a monochromatic color scheme, creams, or whites. You can add a great variety of textures, materials and shapes to the space itself by playing around within your color palette, but a neutral look is universally satisfying.


Stunning Shower Heads

Simply put, a shower should feel luxurious, no question. An easy way to add a certain level of luxe to your guest bath is by replacing your showerhead, choosing one that suits your ideal style. Should you select the wide, gentle stream of a rainfall showerhead or a powerful, massaging head with endless options – this upgrade is guaranteed to delight your guests. For maximum budget consideration, opt for a chrome model.


Go Glam with Gorgeous Lighting

Upgrading the lighting in your guest bathroom is one of the most incredible ways to transform your space. When it comes bringing light to your bathroom, consider the tasks at hand. No, really. Your guests will be using this space to wash and groom, so ideal lighting for such detailed tasks ensures they’ll feel comfortable in the space. Ample overhead lighting and task lighting can create an atmosphere that’s relaxing and spa-like, while still illuminating the room. More often that not, many fail to give their bathrooms enough light, leaving the space feeling smaller, and outdated. Consider opting for a pair of vertical sconces framing your bathroom mirror, a vanity light, task lights for your tub or shower, or even strip lighting under wall-mounted cabinets. Lighting can bring the best of DIY-ers to their knees, so consider calling in a professional for this upgrade. While that will certainly take a chunk out of your budget, proper illumination of your guest bathroom can provide years of enjoyment, so consider categorizing this as a splurge well spent.

Meet Your New Best Friend, The Subway Tile

If you’re hoping give your guest bath a luxurious look and feel without the kind of budget that accounts for $400-per-square-foot tile, you’re in luck. While tile itself can range from 90 cents to 450 dollars a square foot, the average cost per square foot of subway tile is just under 7 dollars. While the modest price tag alone makes these rectangular, ceramic slices a shoe-in, their expansive variety of colors offers homeowners endless possibilities, with minimal maintenance and cost. Subway tiles are an incredible choice to keep cost down, while ensuring your guest bathroom remodel retains its value.

For the most impactful placement without the price tag, consider adding a white subway tile backsplash, a full subway tile wall in the shower or a half-wall backsplash to add contrast, depth and visual interest to the space. You can stack the white tiles for a beautiful modern look, or opt for a unique orientation of the tile to add dimension.  For an added layer, we suggest a darker grout, especially if you’re selecting an all white tile. You will love the look, and so will your guests.


Must-Have Marble, Gotta Get Granite?

If you’ve got your heart set on high-end materials such as granite or marble but can’t quite justify the cost for your guest bath, don’t fret. There are ways to achieve such an elegant, luxurious look while still staying cost-effective.


Mirror Mirror on the Wall

The right sized mirror holds so much power. Don’t believe us? Add a large mirror to your guest bathroom wall and watch it nearly double in size. Talk about an oasis. Larger mirrors also cut down your tiling cost by filling up a greater amount of space. Even if your guest bathroom is on the smaller side, consider taking a mirror wall to wall to give the space a lighter, brighter, more expansive feel.


Consider Chrome

When selecting a finish for your guest bathroom fittings, the options may feel endless. Brass, nickel, bronze, and beyond. Meet chrome – one of the easiest materials to maintain and clean, this selection looks luxe in any style bathroom. It is polished, beautiful, and better yet? Affordable. Your guests will love the look, and so will your wallet.


Let Them Be Luxe

I think we can all agree that often, the best part of being on vacation is the little luxurious that most high-end hotels have to offer. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to give your guests the same experience? You can recreate it by adding some luxurious accessories to your guest bathroom. Be sure that your guests have access to fresh, fluffy towels, ample toilet paper, and any potential toiletries they may have forgotten for their stay. It doesn’t take a tremendous amount of effort to leave out a few spare essentials or pick a few beautiful blooms, but such thoughtful gestures will have a long-lasting impact on your guests!



You can get the luxurious look and feel of a gorgeous guest bath without the master bath price tag. This space will be an oasis for your guests and a wonderful addition to your San Diego home.