2017 Home Design Trend Fails

What 2017 Didn’t Quite Get Right

Home design always incorporates a great deal of subjectivity. Even when designers seem to agree on a popular new trend, they could just as easily be found trashing that same trend a few months later. With this in mind, we decided to take a look back at what home design trends went off the rails in 2017. Because, for every trend there’s always a fad, and for every fad, someone is bound to take it overboard!

All White Interiors

There is no doubt that all white interiors can look heavenly, but this trend must have been developed by someone who doesn’t have kids, doesn’t own pets, doesn’t live in a place that rains, and who might not even eat food. All white interiors are not an ideal design trend for real-life humans. Also, all white is just plain boring. Look beyond the white and let your home reflect your true colors.

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Too Much Green

Someone somewhere threw a dart at a color wheel and decided that green was going to be the “hot” color of 2017. Some décor websites gush about dark green, while others rave about pale green. The problem is, there’s a new color every year. That means that while your lime-green kitchen walls may be stylish today, but they’ll be helplessly kitsch tomorrow. Don’t go overboard with “it” colors unless you want to spend an entire weekend every year repainting your home.


We actually like how soft and warm velvet feels, so we were thrilled when designers started singing its praises in 2017. However, when it comes to velvet, less is more. That velvet loveseat is adorable. Wallpapering your entire living room in velvet… not so much. Moderation, grasshopper!

Black Walls

Do we even have to explain why painting an entire room in black is not the brightest idea in the world? One fashion ezine actually used the term “cozy shade of black,” when admiring this 2017 trend. Uh, no. Black is an awesome accessory hue, but pure black walls are not only overwhelming, they’re also stifling. They’ll make any room look ten times smaller and have guests wondering if you’re moonlighting as a superhero villain in your spare time.


No joke. Butterflies became a bit of a thing in 2017. While we love these colorful, fluttering insects, we seriously don’t recommend pasting fake butterflies along your hallway or re-upholstering your living room furniture in a butterfly motif. If you want to go with butterflies, keep it subtle. Buy some accent pillows with cool butterfly art on them. Replace an older dining room set with butterfly plates and bowls. Heck, maybe even put a big butterfly mural above the fireplace, but that’s really all the butterfly you need. That butterfly wallpaper? Your eight-year-old would love that in her room!

Brushed Metal

A lot of cool breweries and restaurants have been experimenting with the rugged, industrial look. That type of design can work in those industries, but do you really want your home to look like it was converted from an abandoned warehouse? Homes are meant to warm and welcoming. If you get too industrial with your design, like using brushed metal on every possible surface, you could lose that feeling of home.

Oversized Furniture

Big is… not in, especially here in San Diego where we love living in our little “beach shacks” along the coast and where every square inch of house is a precious commodity. Oversized furniture has the tendency to dominate a room, make it more difficult to transverse, and overwhelm other décor touches. If you don’t need a couch that sits eight or a wall-to-wall double king bed, then consider downsizing. We love small dining room tables with fold out or insert leafs that let you expand for special celebrations.

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Jewel Tones

We guess someone wanted to fight back against all the dreary black interiors in 2017, because bright, dramatic jewels tones were also big. Because jewels tones are such big, bold colors (we’re talking about emerald, sapphire, and amethyst), they work best in moderation. Jewel tone accessories can really brighten a room, as can fabrics with jewel tone patterns. Too much of a good thing, though, can start searing your retinas. If you want to go bold, consider painting an accent wall, but hold off on painting an entire room!

Bone Inlay

This one is purely personal. We don’t like bone inlay. Or, a more positive way to put it is that we think there are lots and lots of different design finishes that look much better than bone inlay. We also have a feeling that bone inlay is on its way to becoming a regrettable fad.

Of course, the purpose of this article isn’t to scare you away from embracing unique and bold design. What we want to convey is that just because certain designers decide that some color, fabric, or design scheme is “in”, doesn’t mean you have to follow the pack.

Instead, we encourage you to follow your heart! When you design your home in the way you love, then that design is utterly timeless. Don’t follow trends, which will change with the seasons!

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