John A

John has been working in construction for 33 years now. His family purchased an old Victorian home that had to be cut into three pieces in order to be moved to a new location and put back together over time. His church also had to be repeatedly renovated to accommodate its growth. Between constantly working on improving his home, his church, and the other men in his life that worked in construction, it was natural for him to pursue the same thing.

In his spare time, John like all sorts of outdoor activities. Boating, jet-skiing, racing, biking, cross-country motor biking, hiking, cross-country skiing, climbing, and more are just some of the ways he likes to keep himself busy when he isn’t working on construction. When he’s not tackling the great outdoors, he loves studying world history, world genealogy, world religion and world politics.

Whether he’s spending time with his family or with his church, John is always there to lend a hand.