Multigenerational Living Remodels

Especially in an expensive area like San Diego, more and more families are embracing multigenerational living. Whether your children are looking for a job after graduating and move back in to save money or you need a place for mom or dad as they age, having two or more generations of your family living in the same house can be tricky. Luckily, a renovation or remodel can make multigenerational living in San Diego much easier for everyone.

Some of the same concepts which apply to aging in place are applicable here as well, but it’s a different kind of challenge to have a 13-year old and a 73-year old living under the same roof. Designs which maintain everyone’s privacy while making the home accessible for an elderly relative are paramount for all your resident’s happiness.


This is often the most crucial room in a crowded home, and there needs to be more than one of them. Depending on the size of your home, sharing a bathroom may be inevitable, but there are remodel options which can make it safe to use for all ages in a multigenerational living arrangement.

For your parent, turning the shower from a tub to a flat walk-in will make getting in and out much easier for them. Adding hand grips and/or a collapsible step is another option for accomplishing this. It’s inevitable that the floor gets wet, but installing non-slip flooring, rather than tile, will decrease the odds of an accident. You can also get a seat extender for the toilet if need be, and change your shelving to make everything easier to reach

For your children, depending on their age, a foldaway step underneath the sink will help them see the mirror and reach the sink when it’s time to brush their teeth. You can even get rather playful by adding toothbrush holders or multiple towel racks which have the person’s name or initials inscribed on them, so that no one gets mixed up. 

A Second Home

If there is space, and your zoning laws and local HOA allows for such renovations, building a small “second home” attached to your main house is a good idea, especially if an elderly parent who is still capable of functioning purely on their own will want their privacy. This is not a big extra; the attached home should be just big enough for a kitchen, bedroom and full bath.

Your imagination – and your budget – can dictate the placement and the size of this second home. You can have it be a completely separate space on the other end of the yard, attach it to the first floor of your home or create an add-on to the second floor.

Utilize Existing Space

Do you have a home with 10-foot vaulted ceilings or perhaps an attic above the garage? If you do, you have options for creating a living space with what you already have. If there are going to be a large number of people living in your house, then you are going to need everything you can get. Sharing a bathroom is one thing, but sharing a room may be where everyone draws the line.


The garage is often an untapped resource when finding a living space for a loved one within your home. Whether or not it’s finished, there are many things you can do here to make your garage feel more like a bedroom and less like a, well, garage.  Step one would be to install a full bath, if it does not have one already.This will afford much more privacy to whomever is living there as they wont have to come upstairs every time they need to shower. Of course, if it’s not finished, then carpeting and a fresh paint job will turn it from a large storage area to a comfortable living space.

Rather than just hang up a curtain or beads, you can create a barrier of sorts so the person living in there can still get privacy when they need it, especially if the garage doubles as your gathering spot/man cave. You don’t have to block of the entire section being used as the bedroom, but a changing area or a divider will work. If possible, you may want to create a separate entrance, for complete independence.

Of course it’s not just about acquiescing to your family member’s wants and needs; any of these renovations could significantly up the resale value on your home when the time comes. Widening doorways and including handholds near the bathroom and bed if need be are universal renovations, but the specificities of your family’s needs are important. You know your family and you know yourself; using any combination of these multigenerational remodel ideas will keep everyone comfy and happy.

No matter your needs, the San Diego home renovation team at Kaminskiy Design and Remodeling can fulfill every one of them. Let us put our expertise and experience to work and turn your home into a multigenerational living space that works for everyone in your family; call 858.271.1005 for your free design consultation.