San Diego Bathroom Additions

While kitchens get most of the attention, the bathroom may very well be the most important room in your home.  As a result, bathroom additions are popular remodeling projects that pay dividends in comfort, enjoyment and functionality.  A bathroom addition can range from a small half bath to a luxurious spa-like master bath and can be the difference between a home that functions well and one that doesn’t. If your San Diego home only has one bathroom currently (or not enough to accommodate your families needs), a new one is likely the most valuable home improvement decision you could make.

Bathroom Addition Costs

Bathroom additions are typical more expensive per square foot than most other room additions because they require special plumbing, electricity, ventilation and heating.  The cost of adding a new bathroom to your home can range from $25,000 for a relatively simple and straightforward job, to well over $75,000 for large spa-like bathroom.  Ultimately, the cost will depend on the size and scope of the job and the quality of materials used.

Bathroom Addition Ideas and Considerations

Every remodeling project is different and yours should reflect your needs and desires.  Thinking about your home and your priorities first will insure that your new bathroom works for you.

Bathroom Addition Return on Investment

San Diego bathroom additions can expect to return between 52 and 80 percent on investment. However, the full ROI isn’t solely monetary. Bathroom addition projects typically have a high satisfaction rating for home owners who undertake them because an extra bathroom can transform a house that doesn’t work for a certain size family, to one that does.  They can also add serious value to your home.  According to the National Association of Home Builders and Remodelers, adding a full bath to your home can add as much as 20 percent to your home’s value, while a half bath will add 10 percent

Permitting and Legal Requirements

In San Diego, permits are not usually required for small bathroom upgrades like replacing a toilet, shower head, or faucet or fixing leaking pipes.  However, in the case of bathroom remodels or additions, building permits are always required to make sure all changes are up to building codes. There are several different types of permits needed from the city of San Diego for bathroom additions: structural, plumbing, mechanical, electrical and combination.  The process can be lengthy, confusing and time consuming, thus hiring a licensed remodeling company is essential.  An experienced contractor will handle all the permitting for you and make sure your construction is safe AND legal.

If you are considering adding a bathroom to your San Diego area home, call Kaminskiy Design & Remodeling today. A bathroom addition is a major remodeling project and should only be trusted to experienced remodelers. Our team has been recognized as San Diego’s Best Kitchen and Bath Remodeler by the San Diego Union Tribune six times since 2010!  Our professional have a firm commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and can help you add the bathroom of your dreams to your home.