How to Show Off Your Remodeled Kitchen with The Humble Brag

Investing in a kitchen remodel is a big deal. It’s something that many homeowners spend years dreaming about and saving up for. The process itself can be challenging. It’s definitely worth the result, but you’ll have to deal with workers banging and drilling away in your home and a non-functioning kitchen for a few months. It’s perfectly understandable that once the final nail is hammered, the last light fixture is screwed in place, and the paint dries that you will want to show off your new kitchen to the entire world.

The only problem is that the entire world might not give a fig about your new kitchen island, beautiful granite countertops, and stainless steel double sink. Worse, if you start bragging about your kitchen in every single conversation or post more social media updates on your kitchen than your sister does about her new baby, you could get pinned with the scarlet letter B for “Bragger”.

So, how do you show off your remodeled kitchen in a classy way that won’t offend your friends or strike jealously into the hearts of your neighbors?

How to Master Social Media

First of all, it’s okay to be proud and excited about your kitchen remodel. Don’t ever let anyone or that nasty shame devil on your shoulder make you feel guilty or uncomfortable about building the kitchen and the home of your dreams.

When your remodeled kitchen is done, you absolutely should indulge in a celebratory post on your favorite social media channels. The key is to come to it with the right attitude. Keep the post simple and positive and include a few pictures of the new kitchen. Better yet, post a few before and after shots.

You don’t have to gush about how awesome or amazing your new kitchen is or point out all the hundreds of new features. Let the pictures speak for themselves. If your friends and family want to know more, they’ll post a comment or ask you the next time they see you.

This is also a good opportunity to move the spotlight off of you by thanking the remodeling and design team. (Trust us, they’ll love you for the social media call out.)

How to Master the Grand Reveal

Posting about your kitchen remodel on social media is all good and well, but you’ll be dying to give the room a real spin. The perfect way to show off your kitchen is to host an event at your home so that your friends and family members can actually see it in person.

Even in this circumstance, there is a right way and a wrong way to present your kitchen. The key is that less bragging is more. Good friends and family members who have been over your house several times will notice the big change right away. Let them ask questions and lead the conversation. It’s perfectly okay to point out new features or to tell stories about the remodeling process if they’re interested, but be careful about hogging the conversation.

For example, don’t drag your friends through a show and tell of all your new appliances or start listing everything you’ve changed. Touch on the top changes and then answer questions as they come.

Truly, the best way to show off your kitchen is to simply let your friends see it in action. Invite them into the kitchen as you use all your new counter space to make a yummy meal or shake up some tasty cocktails.

Avoid These Kitchen Remodel Braggy Blunders

Now that you know the classy ways in which to reveal your kitchen remodel, what are some of the things that could get you booted into jerk territory? No matter how excited you are about your kitchen remodel, don’t let yourself make these major kitchen remodel faux pas:

At the end of the day, be excited about your kitchen remodel. Post a few pics on social media and invite friends over to see it. Your true friends will be more than happy to lavish praise and spend time in your awesome new room. There really is no need to brag. Your kitchen will do that all on its own!

Still hoping that Santa will bring you a kitchen remodel for Christmas? Don’t leave it in his hands (no telling what kind of backlog the elves are dealing with in the North Pole), instead, give us a call. We would be happy to sit down with you to learn about your vision and provide you with a free remodel quote.