Thanks Uncle Sam! Revamp Your Home with Your Tax Refund

remodeling ideas for tax refund

Ah, April. You bring us so many beautiful things: budding, bright spring blooms, brighter, warmer, longer days, and early signs of the start of something heavenly – San Diego summer. Oh yeah! Did we forget to mention one of our favorite tidings that April brings? A nice little (or fingers crossed, not so little!) check from Uncle Sam himself, post tax season. We’re talking about you, tax refund: you wonderful, often-unexpected pocket of cash that for many of us can feel like ‘free’ money that we can use in any way our heart desires. Should your heart desire improved value on your San Diego home, consider putting your tax refund back into your property. While most Californian’s won’t see a refund substantial enough to bank roll an entire kitchen remodel or new master bath, many may be surprised with the home improvements you can fund thanks to your refund! Let’s explore your options:


$ 500 – $900 Refund


$900 – $1,500 Refund


$2,000 – $3,000 Refund


Whenever you are tackling a home-improvement project, it’s crucial to consider the ‘big picture’. Should you choose to take on a larger scale remodel or simply invest in smaller projects, your home will reflect such wonderful efforts. Whether you are hoping to improve your home’s resale value or maximize your family’s enjoyment of the space, we hope you consider our list! How will you spend your tax refund in 2018?