Thinking of a Home Remodel? Here Are 7 Reasons to Go to a Home Show

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Dreaming of a fabulous new kitchen, a universal designed  bathroom, or an entire home remodel? How do you get started? One option is to journey online to search out contractors, view polished pictures of finished remodels, and read advice articles (like this one). There’s nothing wrong with this approach, but what if you could meet contractors in person, ask them your questions, and actually touch those granite countertops you’re considering? You can do all this and more by attending a local home show.

What Is a Home Show?

Most major cities in the U.S. host a variety of home shows throughout the year that seek to attract homeowners in all stages of the remodeling process (including those who are still in the idea stage). Each show has unique features and may have a slightly different focus, (for example: a home and garden show versus an aging in place show), but they also have a lot of commonalities.

When you attend a home show, you can expect to meet a lot of remodeling experts, including:

You’ll get to tour big exhibits and remodeled vignettes that are great for inspiriting new ideas. Home shows also give you an excellent opportunity to check out the latest and greatest home design trends and to see, touch, and test new innovations. The biggest shows will include hundreds of different vendors, massive exhibits, and lots of interactive experiences to enjoy.

It’s definitely an experience that someone interested in a home remodel shouldn’t miss! Just in case you need a little more convincing, here are our seven top reasons to visit the next home show in your area:

1.      Discover Ideas and Inspiration

You may think that just because you aren’t ready to start a remodel next month, there’s no reason to go to a home show. Wrong! This is the perfect time to visit. You’ll get to wander through beautiful vignettes, check out tons of finishes, and even try out cool new gadgets. These experiences can give you lots of new ideas you begin planning your remodel.

Sites like Houzz and Pinterest are great idea mills, but there’s nothing like actually seeing how bamboo flooring looks in different lighting or speaking with an aging-in-place expert about your needs.

2.      Meet Contractors and Specialists in Person

One of the most important decisions you’ll make regarding your remodel is choosing the right contractor. It’s one thing to look at each contractor’s pretty website and another thing to actually talk to them in person. A home show lets you meet and greet with a variety of local contractors and specialists in your area. You’ll get a good feel for their personality, which is important, since you’ll be in regular contact with them during your remodel.  This is also a great opportunity to get feedback on your project ideas.

3.      See Products for Yourself

You just can’t know what a laminate floor versus a real wood floor looks like, feels like, and smells like unless you actually compare them in person. A home show gives you the opportunity to see different flooring, cabinetry, door knobs, shelving units, counters, bathroom vanities, outdoor patio furniture, and more. You’ll get way more options at a home show than at your local home and garden center.

4.      Get Personalized Advice

Not sure about what the building codes in your city say about the room addition you want to add onto your house? Want to know what upkeep a marble floor in the bathroom requires? At a home show you are literally surrounded by remodeling experts who are happy to answer your questions. This will save you time compared to searching for answers online, and as a bonus, you’ll get personalized answers for your unique situation.

5.      See the Latest Innovations

If you’ve been interested in learning more about creating a zero-energy house or installing a gray water system, or if you simply want to see what’s new in showerhead technology, you can find it all at a home show. You’ll get to play with cool new gadgets, like robotic lawnmowers, and also learn about how technology can make your home more efficient. We bet you’ll come away from the show with lots of great new ideas for your remodel and a much bigger wish list for your next birthday.

6.      Save Money

Who doesn’t love to save money? At a home show, you can easily shop and compare different products and services. Is one vendor too expensive? Swing by the booth next door and see what deals you can get there! At home shows you have more options and you can negotiate directly with vendors, which will give you more power as a consumer. Speaking of deals, many vendors offer show-only deals that you won’t find if you were to just call the number on their website. Vendors pay big bucks to grab a booth or show space, so they want to get your business and are often willing to offer steep discounts to close a deal.

7.      Yummy Food, Fun Giveaways, and More

Every home show offers unique and fun extras for their attendees. For example, some of our biggest home shows in San Diego take place at the Del Mar Fairgrounds where you can load up on delicious food while you stroll around the exhibitions. Many shows and individual vendors also offer raffles prize drawings and lots of free goodies to lure you to their booths. You definitely won’t go home empty-handed or with an empty stomach!

Ready to grab your keys and head to a home show? Good job! We know you won’t be disappointed. Do a quick Google search and find the next big show in your area.

At Kaminskiy Design and Remodeling, we are proud to exhibit at some of the biggest home shows in San Diego. If you live in the San Diego area, we hope to see you at one of these major shows:

If you can’t wait until January to get started on your remodel, then give us a call today! We’d be happy to schedule a free consultation so that we can answer all of your remodel questions.