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Are High-End Appliances Worth the Price?

Replacing appliances is a major part of most home remodels (especially kitchens and laundry rooms). There is a near-endless array of options available to suit most budgets, but is it worth spending the extra money on premium, high-end appliances like Wolf, Sub-Zero, and Thermadore?

Reasons for Choosing High-End Appliances

For the most part, when people purchase premium or luxury appliances, they do it for one of several reasons.

  • Life expectancy: high-end appliances are generally built to last in a world where most things are not.
  • Performance: while cheaper appliances may get the job done, a high-end range, for example, will deliver the most consistent, even heat, and a high-end oven will be better insulated to keep in the heat.
  • Design: High-end appliances are typically built with aesthetics in mind, and it is not uncommon for a manufacturer to offer many different options in color, handles, and other trim and accessories.

For these reasons alone, high-end appliances are worth it if your budget allows and the value of your home is commensurate with the cost – i.e., people expect to see them in million-dollar homes. But there are other things to consider as well; is it just you in an apartment/condo, or do you have a family in a house? Do you eat out all the time, or do you cook a lot? How much you will use a certain appliance should dictate how much money you spend on it. You’ll want to spend more on a high-end appliance if you’re going to be using it all the time in order to mitigate maintenance costs down the road. So here’s what to think about with each appliance.

Appliance Considerations


This mainly involves consideration of your lifestyle: what do you eat? How often are you home? What do you cook? How many other people live in the house? If you’re buying organic food for a family of five and you cook almost every night of the week, then you’re going to need a top-of-the-line, dual-door, dual-drawer, dual-evaporator, spare-no-expense refrigerator that can keep up.

The features of any appliance are important to note. For example, most refrigerators have just one evaporator or compressor unit. This limits the length of the freshness of your food. Two compressor units will keep all that organic food you buy fresh for longer, thus bringing down grocery costs. It’s things like that which make one refrigerator cost hundreds of dollars more than another. But that extra money spent on the refrigerator will mean less food going to waste and less money spent at the grocery store.

This Marvel six-foot tall refrigerator comes with FreshFlo freezer shelves, metal framed glass shelving, and LED lighting. Conveniently priced at $15,469. Other high-end brands, such as Thermador, come in the double-door fashion with a bottom-drawer freezer, which is a very popular style. The possibility of custom door sizes is what draws most people to Thermador, as a refrigerator that fits seamlessly into your kitchen makes for optimum space-saving and sleek design.


It’s possible to spend $500 or $5,000 on a new washer/dryer, so it’s important to assess how much laundry you usually do. Many expensive ones are larger, have more settings, and are more flexible (throwing clothes in after the wash has started, Anal Beads color bleeding prevention, and quicker wash or drying cycles). You can get front-loading ones, stacked ones, and matching ones. The possibilities are almost endless.

Even if you are living on your own, the more expensive washers/dryers are a great option because you never know when you’re going to need to get a stain out of your shirt right before a business meeting. The capability of washing and drying that shirt within a half hour, plus the reduced need for maintenance, means the up-front costs will pay for itself in the long run.


Dishwasher technology has advanced exponentially in just a few short years. Many now come with the capability to scrub off even hardened stains and can safely wash pots, pans, or baking sheets. These capabilities are vast improvements over where dishwashers were even ten short years ago and have greatly reduced water usage.

The Miele Professional model costs $5,699 and can perform up to 40 cycles a day. Even if you use it six times a day, six days per week, it will still last you 13 years. Most people, even those with large families, use it once or twice a day, so this truly could be the only one you ever purchase. Viking added dishwashers to its lineup of luxury appliances, which are available in customizable panel designs, along with an adjustable top rack, which means those tall wine glasses will now fit.

Stove/Range Oven

You probably don’t need something with a dozen burners and a three-foot wide griddle, but even if you’re living by yourself, there are many things to consider when purchasing a new stove/range oven. Cook time, pre-heating speed, and durability matter, especially if you host holiday parties, and the more expensive sets can help with all three rather than just one or two.

Of course, it is possible to have two ovens stacked on top of each other in one part of the kitchen and the stove/cooktop in the other. Whether you want gas or electric, or even a dual kind, is something to consider as well.

Wolf, perhaps the most well-known high-end cooking appliance brand, has cooktops, oven ranges, and stacked built-in ovens from which to choose. From chocolate chip cookies to prime rib and everything in between, the even cooking of anything you put in a Wolf oven is what makes the extra money worthwhile.

Do luxury appliances add value?

Yes, luxury appliances can add value to a home in several ways. Firstly, they enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the kitchen or laundry room, making it more attractive to potential buyers. High-end appliances are often associated with quality and durability, suggesting that the homeowner has invested in long-lasting and efficient equipment.

Additionally, luxury appliances often come with advanced features and energy efficiencies, which can be a selling point for environmentally-conscious buyers or those looking for modern conveniences. While the exact increase in home value can vary based on the brand and condition of the appliances, as well as the overall housing market, luxury appliances can certainly contribute to a higher perceived value of the home.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

When considering high-end appliances, it’s essential to weigh the initial investment against the long-term benefits. While the upfront cost might be higher, the longevity, performance, and potential energy savings can offset this over time. Moreover, the aesthetic appeal and increased home value can also be significant advantages.

Maintenance Tips

  • Regular Cleaning: Ensure your appliances are cleaned regularly to maintain their efficiency and longevity.
  • Professional Check-ups: Schedule annual or bi-annual check-ups for appliances to ensure they’re running optimally.
  • Follow Manufacturer Guidelines: Always refer to the user manual for maintenance tips specific to the brand and model.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are high-end appliances more energy-efficient?

Often, high-end appliances come with better energy efficiency ratings, which can lead to savings in utility bills.

Is the warranty better with premium appliances?

Many premium brands offer extended warranties, ensuring peace of mind for homeowners.

Can I find parts easily for high-end appliances?

While some brands have readily available parts, others might require ordering from specialized suppliers. It’s always good to check with the manufacturer.


High-end appliances offer a blend of durability, performance, and design that can enhance the overall experience in your home. While the initial investment might be higher, the long-term benefits, from energy savings to increased home value, often make it a worthwhile decision. Consider your personal needs, usage patterns, and budget when making a choice.

Interested in upgrading your home with high-end appliances but unsure where to start? Schedule a free design consultation with our experts today, and let us guide you through the best options tailored to your needs.

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