Whole Home Remodels in San Diego

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San Diego is one of the most wonderful places to call home in California, if not the entire country. Yet when it comes to homes, there simply are not enough to go around. As an established community, many homes are decades old, in need of serious care and attention. Everyone has dreamed about what they would do to change their house into a home. Here at Kaminskiy Design & Remodeling, we believe dreams do come true. With a whole home remodel, we can take your San Diego property and turn it into the place you call home. Don’t move, improve!

What is Whole Home Remodeling?

You may have heard the terms “Whole home remodeling” and “whole house renovation” before. What do those words really mean? Simply put, whole home remodeling projects involve updating more than just one room. Whole home renovation tackles several, or all, of the spaces in your home that need to be changed.

This could mean a makeover for your kitchen and dining room to create a sense of unity and better function. It could mean updating the living room that flows into a new outdoor living space, or it could be removing the entire interior and starting from scratch.

The size and scope of your whole home remodel is up to you; whatever you decide, Kaminskiy Design & Remodeling is ready to transform your house into the home of your dreams. Our talented team can handle any space with care and grace. We work quickly and efficiently to save time and money so you can start living in your San Diego dream home.


Why Whole Home Remodeling?

Just as there are many motivations to remodel the individual rooms in your house, whole home transformations are considered for many reasons. Here is a look at some of the factors to consider when deciding on a whole home renovation project.

Make It Yours

The difference between a house and a home is the little details you add to make it truly YOURS. When you buy a property, you are left with the decisions made by whoever came before you. Whole home remodeling allows you to put your personal touch on every area and aspect of your residence. In a way, whole home remodeling is like being able to custom-order your entire home to your specific wants and needs. It costs a fraction of the price of purchasing a new home and leaves the stress of moving out of the equation.

Don’t Move, Improve

No matter how wonderful your residence is when you first move in, chances are you will want something different as time goes by. We cannot always predict the changes that life will bring us. Buying a new home in San Diego is no easy task. Costs continue to rise, supply is limited, and demand never stops growing. Rather than look to a new house to solve your problems, why not change the one you are already in? A whole home remodel gives you the look and feel of a all-new home, without the hassle and costs of searching for, buying, and moving into a new building.

Disability, Elderly, and Aging in Place Accommodations

Getting injured or getting old can make even the best-built buildings a challenge to get around in. Having a master bedroom upstairs may work great when you are younger and able-bodied, but not so much if you use a wheelchair or walker as you age. You may find yourself needing renovations to your home to make it easier to live in. Ramps for easier wheelchair access, handrails to hold onto, and lowered countertops and cabinets are just some of the changes people add to their homes to make it easier to live in them. A whole home remodel in San Diego is an excellent opportunity to make things safer and simpler for you and your loved ones.

Multi-Generational Family Living

It is not uncommon to purchase a home with one family size in mind, only to end up with more members than you planned for. Parents get old, siblings get sick, and children are born. Before you know it, that two-bedroom home you bought could need three, four, five or more. A whole home remodel gives you the ability to change that unused office into a nursery or convert that long-forgotten closet into another bathroom.

Increased Value

Popularized by home improvement reality television shows, whole home remodels are a great way to add value to your property. Adding new rooms, upgrading appliances, rewiring electrical systems, and redesigning layouts are all great ways to increase the value of your home. Whether you are looking to flip a fixer-upper or simply boost your profits from the sale of your current home, whole home remodeling in San Diego offers a great return on investment.

Modernization, Efficiency

Many homes in the San Diego area are decades old. What was once high-fashion and high-tech in the 70s and 80s is now inefficient and out-of-touch. A whole home remodel is a great way to move your home into the 21st century. Those old appliances may still work, but they are likely using far more electricity than  modern replacements. The layout and design of your home was likely done long before wireless connectivity was a worry. State-of-the-art gadgets, solar panels, smart home systems, energy-saving new appliances and Internet cabling in every room are all incredible ways to improve your property.

One Room Leads to Another

One of the most common reasons for whole home remodeling is that a one room remodel simply is not enough. Many homeowners have started a project in one part of the house, only to realize how badly another room needs improvement. Adding an air conditioner in your bedroom is great for when you’re sleeping but putting in ducts and vents to cool every room is an even better way to stay cool. There is not much point in adding energy-efficient lighting in one bathroom when the other still leaves you with an enormous electrical bill. One updated modern room surrounded by decades-old designs will stick out and distract. When you do a whole home renovation, you get the opportunity to make your home feel whole, rather than a collection of spaces from different times and different themes.

What is the Difference between One Room and Whole House Remodeling?

Why Choose Kaminskiy Design & Remodeling for your Whole Home Remodel?

Our team has the excellence, experience, and expertise to truly make your house a place you are proud to call home. We offer exemplary service and commitment to our clients and we will work with you closely every step of your San Diego whole house remodeling project.

San Diego is a dream destination for many people. Yet the homes here do not always compare well to the weather, sights, and attractions. Few homeowners get to see their dream home become reality. Do not let yours fade away,let Kaminskiy Design & Remodeling handle your whole home remodel. Schedule your complimentary consultation and make your dreams come true today!