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In San Diego, our outdoor space is as much a part of our home as inside the walls. Why not make it part of your personal sanctuary? San Diego has gorgeous weather nearly every day of the year, so you want a yard or outdoor area in which to spend all those lovely days and nights. No matter the size of your space, the possibilities are nearly endless. 

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Outdoor Living Designs & Spaces in San Diego

Your outdoor space can be used for dining and recreational activities alongside your house. Not only does it serve as a comfortable living space outside of your house, but it is also a great place to entertain friends and relatives.

Are you dying to experience that luxurious outdoor living of your dreams? Dream no more! Kaminskiy Design and Remodeling only designs the best functional outdoor living spaces. From outdoor kitchens to stony fireplaces, and pool cabanas to decks and patios, your wish is our command.

Outdoor Living Design Company in San Diego

Outdoor Deck Additions and Remodels

If your home has a sloped yard or sits high off the ground, a deck or platform deck is ideal for your outdoor space. A deck is a platform made from either wood or composite materials that extend your living space, adding areas to dine, grill, or simply enjoy the outdoors.

Adding or updating a deck to your home can be a significant aesthetic upgrade to your outdoor space – one that can add significant value to your home. In fact, a deck addition can add as much as 72 percent of the building costs to the value of your home.  But it’s not just about aesthetics and value; a new or improved deck can create more space for entertaining, add additional storage, and help create the desired ambiance in your backyard. 

We can create that space by extending the deck outward so that the seating and socializing area is separate from the grill and the entrance back into the house. Many people choose to create decks that step down to a patio.

In this case, we can make the steps safer for you and your children by adding lights and sturdy rails and ensuring the steps are smooth and level. Is your deck off the ground by several feet? We can create covered storage underneath for your lawn care equipment or the children’s toys. Beautiful yet practical solutions can turn your deck or patio from an eyesore to the best part of your house.

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Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Outdoor kitchens have exploded in popularity over the last few years. Homeowners want more than grilling capability; they want to have the versatility to cook anything they can in a normal kitchen, just outside. If that sounds like you, an outdoor kitchen can allow you to do just that.

They can be equipped with a built-in barbecue, full-size refrigerator, stovetop, or even a brick pizza oven if so desired. It all depends on the style and appearance you want to achieve. It’s important to keep the hot areas (grill or stove), cold areas (refrigerator), wet areas (sink), and dry areas (countertops) separate yet cohesive in order to make your outdoor kitchen function in top condition.

A countertop running along the edge of your deck or patio can allow for food preparation and give more space for serving once the cooking is done. You can also form a U-shape counter, which gives the feel of a bar and allows guests to socialize with you, the host, while you cook. If you love the island-style kitchen, you can have that as your preparation or grilling center. 

The materials used to construct an outdoor kitchen can match the aesthetic of the rest of your house, or you can use a combination of them to create something uniquely your own. These materials should be easy to clean and maintain, though; after all, they will be sitting outside.

For this reason, you may also want to construct a shelter to protect your guests and appliances.  Building an open but covered structure over your outdoor kitchen will allow you to add an overhead fan, lighting for night cooking and entertaining, speakers, and even flat-screen televisions. 

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San Diego Pools, Cabanas, and Water Features

Having a pool in the San Diego climate automatically makes you a popular neighbor. Adding a pool cabana can provide a restroom and changing area for guests, eliminating the trail of wet footprints across your living room floor.

It can also function as an additional gathering place if you choose to include a kitchenette and comfortable seating in the cabana. Surround the cabana with colorful flowers and pay close attention to its placement. It should utilize natural shade from trees and be easily accessible to everyone.

Or course, there is no sense in having a pool cabana if you don’t have a pool. Kaminskiy Design and Remodeling can help add a truly custom pool to give your outdoor space a resort feel.  Already decided to add a pool?  While every situation is different, here is what you can expect from the typical pool-building process:

  • Design the Pool: We’ll help create a lavish pool design that makes the most of your space.
  • Permitting: Any project of this magnitude will require city and, often, HOA permits and inspections. We will contact utility companies to make sure there are no gas, power, or water lines in the area. Our team will handle this for you.
  • Excavation: Large construction equipment – such as a backhoe or excavator – will be used to dig out the area where your future pool will be.
  • Grading: In this step, we’ll level the ground and create any sloping that the design requires.
  • Framing: We’ll frame the walls and floors of your new pool – typically with metal rebar.
  • Plumbing and Electrical: In this step, we’d add the filtration system, plumbing, lighting, and any electrical lines needed for power.
  • Pour the floor and Build the Walls:  Concrete is poured, smoothed, and graded to create the floor and walls of your pool.
  • Finishing: The walls, floor, and pool deck area are finished with the materials that you chose.
  • Fill the pool and enjoy!
  • Pools aren’t the only way to bring water into your yard. A water feature, such as a stream, pond, or even a waterfall, can be a great way to add the beauty and tranquility of running water. Adding something as simple as a bird bath is a pretty straightforward DIY project, but a large and complex water feature may require permits, careful planning, and excavation. The experts at Kaminskiy Design and Remodeling handle all the planning and execution leaving you to enjoy your new pool or water feature.

Xeriscape Vs. Landscape

It’s no secret; Southern California is experiencing a drought. Reduce your water usage by turning part (or all) of your yard into a xeriscaped space. Not only does xeriscape match the surrounding California landscape, but it also looks gorgeous as well.

What exactly is xeriscaping? Xeriscaping – sometimes referred to as drought-tolerant landscaping – is a form of landscaping that either eliminates or greatly reduces the need for watering through supplemental irrigation (like a sprinkler system). It doesn’t 100 percent eliminate the need for water, but it will reduce your usage significantly. Careful selection and placement of plants means that irrigation and runoff are at their lowest point possible. This obviously requires some careful planning.

Observe how the water drains in your yard when it does rain, and point out the areas with mini-ecosystems created by shade and wind. You’ll want to localize your planting here. As for the rest of the yard, it is possible to have grass, so long as you irrigate properly, keep water use minimal, and use naturally occurring grass from your area.

Rock landscaping is another way to go if you don’t like the idea of artificial grass. It’s particularly prudent in the Southern California climate; drought and water shortage are of no concern when we create a rock landscape with a stone path. Desert plants such as cacti can be added to blend your yard in with the surrounding scenery.

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Fireplace Vs. Fire Pit

A fireplace or fire pit is the perfect finishing touch for your outdoor renovations. Stone can be stacked to create a rustic chimney or a pit can be surrounded by brick; either one provides a warm setting for socializing or relaxing.

The biggest thing to think about that can impact the scope of adding a fireplace, or fire pit is whether or not you want them to be wood burning or gas. A gas fireplace or pit is much more convenient, allowing for ambiance with the flip of a switch, but it does require the installation of gas lines. This may require a connection to the main gas line at the street level.

While wood-burning fireplaces may be less expensive, they are not allowed in all areas, and you can’t use them on ‘no burn’ days. If you have young children, a gate or barrier can be constructed to prevent them from accidentally burning themselves or starting a fire without an adult present. 

As you can see, the possibilities for updating your outdoor space are practically endless. Let the outdoor design experts at Kaminskiy Design and Remodeling take your yard to the next level. Schedule a free consultation and see what we can do for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does outdoor living space add property value?

The short answer is yes. Making official, notarized improvements to your home, inside and out, will add a percentage of the project cost to your home’s property value. The property value range added tends to be between 12% and 15%. However, other variables could change how much value is added to your home. The scope of the changes you want will significantly influence how much value is added to your property.

How much do outdoor spaces cost?

It all depends on the size and scope of the project you want to do. Because of the nearly infinite possibilities these remodeling projects can have, putting a price on it is almost impossible. Several factors can affect how much a project costs. The size of the space, improvements you want, materials used, quality of materials used, and many other design decisions all influence the cost.

This is why Kaminskiy Design and Remodeling offers complimentary consultations. We want to ensure we understand your vision for the space while getting accurate information on how much your prospective project will cost you.

How to plan an outdoor living space?

There are many ways to plan an outdoor living space, but it all comes down to the organization of the area. Deciding on focal points, sitting areas, outside kitchens, lawn placement, and water features you want is difficult to do without help from professionals. The best way to get the outdoor living space you have always wanted is to get a professional remodeling service on your side.

Kaminskiy Design and Remodeling is San Diego’s premier award-winning remodeling contractor, and our designers are guaranteed to create a space you will love for decades. Call our office today to finally get the yard you have always dreamed of!

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