Community Events

Celebrating San Diego: Our Community Events

At Kaminskiy Design & Remodeling, we are more than just a remodeling company; we are an integral part of the San Diego community. We invite you to join us at the following events:

Kaminskiy Charity

Our active participation in these events reflects our unwavering commitment to the communities we serve. Let’s come together, make memories, and strengthen the bonds of our shared San Diego heritage. Celebrate, contribute, and connect – San Diego is our home, and you’re an essential part of it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Kaminskiy Design & Remodeling participate in community events?

At Kaminskiy, we believe in being an active part of our community. It’s our way of giving back and connecting on a personal level with the residents of San Diego.

Can I join the Kaminskiy team during Coastal Cleanup Day?

Absolutely! We welcome all residents to join hands with us and play a part in preserving our beautiful coastlines.

Will Kaminskiy have a booth or exhibit at the La Jolla Art & Wine Festival?

Yes, as proud sponsors, we will have a dedicated space at the festival. Drop by to chat, learn about our services, or simply say hello!

How can I stay updated on Kaminskiy’s future community engagements?

To stay informed about our community involvements and other updates, consider subscribing to our newsletter or following our social media pages.

Is there any fee to attend these community events?

Both the Coastal Cleanup Day and the La Jolla Art & Wine Festival are free community events, and everyone is welcome to join. Come celebrate with us and become a part of these memorable experiences!