Additions and Conversions Gallery

Welcome to our visual journey of home additions and conversions. At Kaminskiy Design & Home Remodeling, we specialize in expanding and transforming homes to fit the evolving needs of our clients. Our gallery showcases a variety of projects we’ve completed across various cities in San Diego County.

From a master bath and laundry conversion in Rancho Bernardo to a garage turned into a pub-style apartment in El Cajon, our projects reflect our ability to think creatively and adapt spaces for new purposes. Whether it’s a garage storage solution in 4S Ranch, an ADU conversion in San Diego, or a home wine cellar addition in Rancho Santa Fe, each project tells a story of transformation and enhanced living.

We invite you to browse through our gallery. Each image represents a successful collaboration with our clients and a testament to our home additions and conversions expertise. You’ll find inspiration in our designs as you explore, from ADA-approved room additions in Bonita to children’s additions in Scripps Ranch.

Kaminskiy Home Design and Remodeling is committed to crafting spaces that captivate the eye and improve your lifestyle. If you’re contemplating a home addition or conversion, we’re eager to help you realize your dream. Consult with a specialist!