4S Ranch Garage Storage Solution

This 4S Ranch needed additional space for the homeowners’ tools and gardening supplies. Many people might take having a neat space for granted, but when it comes to creating a workshop space for your hobbies, this storage solution was perfect for these owners.

For this transformation, the floor was changed from a solid concrete slab to several slabs filled with specks of black, white, and lighter gray rocks. It creates something a bit more interesting than the standard garage floor and makes it feel more like a workshop than just a garage.

Wall-to-wall shelving provides plenty of storage options, with various shapes, sizes, and cabinets to store tools and keep everything clean. A variety of tall cabinets allow tools such as shovels and rakes to be stored, tucked just out of sight but easy to reach when needed. There are also sliding doors at the bottom of one shelving unit, which helps hide any bulky items.

There is also space for a workbench. It features a granite countertop and a sink so anyone can clean themselves up after a long day’s work. Just behind the sink is a pegboard with hooks for a saw, trowel, scissors, and anything else the homeowners may need within reach.

Beside this sink are open cubbies, which can store pots, water cans, bags of soil, and more. This is perfect for anything that cannot fit in a cabinet or needs to be easily accessible. With these items in view, digging through a shed is unnecessary to find what you seek.

Tucked between two sets of cabinets is the door leading to the backyard for easy access when gardening or doing anything on the property. There is even a space to tuck away trash and recycle bins out of the way of your car or workspace. This space also contains essential features such as electric outlets and ducts.

Every part of this space was optimized for maximum storage. This helps keep everything neat and organized, allowing homeowners to easily access their tools when needed. With enough room for two cars and a workbench, this is the perfect remodel for this property.

If this transformation inspires you and you are considering a similar project, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our Kaminskiy Design and Remodeling team is ready to help you create a space tailored to your needs. Contact us today or complete the form to start your dream garage.