Our Process

In-Home Design Consultation

1 . In-Home Design Consultation

We will discuss your project and listen to your desires in order to gain a good understanding of what you wish to achieve. We will take all necessary measurements, photos, and videos, as well as share our design suggestions. We will also establish if our company is the right fit for your project.

Home Design Presentation

2 . Design Retainer Presentation

Our operations manager and our lead designer will meet with you at our Design Center. Our team will be providing feedback and direction about different options for your project. This is also when you will be signing the Design Retainer agreement if you would like us to proceed with your remodel.

Home Design Meeting

3 . Design & VEC Meeting

In-home meeting to view existing conditions (VEC) and finalize design ideas. Your designer will incorporate ideas discussed during the consultation and design retainer presentation along with other features and trends. Your project manager will take notes and document current home conditions, including structural, mechanical, electrical, and anything else needed to complete our comprehensive design.

Home Design and Bid Presentation

4 . Design & Bid Presentation

When you come to our Design Center for your design and bid presentation, we will present your newly designed space and review all the design elements that were incorporated by our team. We will also review your project binder, contract, and project schedule. If all looks good, we will be signing the contract and getting your project start date on the calendar!

Home Design Shopping Trip

5 . Shopping Trip

Your designer will meet you at our Design Center to go over the materials that were selected for your project. This will include cabinets, flooring, countertops, vanities, hardware, tile, accent tile, lighting, paint colors, and any other items applicable to your project. You will then go with your designer to your scheduled appointment to select appliances and/or plumbing fixtures.

Architectural Engineering

6 . Architectural Engineering 

If your design includes structural elements such as building an addition, building a granny flat, removal or relocation of load-bearing walls, installation of large La Cantina or Panoramic doors, etc., our architectural team will draft and engineer a set of construction documents. These documents will be used as working drawings and will be submitted to the City or County.

Home Design Plans and Permits

7 . Plans and Permits

Once we have a complete set of plans ready, we will begin submitting all the necessary plans and paperwork to the City or County. The permitting process can take between one week and several months to complete, depending on the scope of work and the current workload at the City or County.

Pre-Construction Meeting        & Starting the Remodel

8 . Pre Construction Meeting & Starting the Remodel

Your designer and project manager will meet you at your home to review the approved set of plans and go over procedures and any other final questions or concerns. You will receive access to view your calendar remotely using our state-of-the-art construction management software. This will help you on our journey of making your dream a reality!

Home Remodel Project in Construction

9 . Project in Construction

We will work hard every day, on and off-site, to complete your project on time, on budget, and with the highest quality standards. You will be in constant communication with your project manager as well as your designer and other support staff.

10 . Remodel Complete

Completed Home Remodel

Once your project is complete, we will close out your remodel with a grand celebration. We take pride in what we do and truly believe that we greatly improve the way our clients live and use their homes. We are confident that you will love your newly remodeled home by Kaminskiy!

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