Replace Kitchen Cabinets
Kitchen Remodel

Is it Better to Refinish or Replace Kitchen Cabinets?

As your kitchen ages, you will see that your cabinets show signs of wear. Perhaps the paint is fading, or…

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Kitchen Remodel Contractor in San Diego
Kitchen Remodel

Are Open Kitchens Going Out of Style?

Over the last three decades, the open kitchen has reigned supreme in style and concept. People boast over their ability…

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Kitchen Flooring Company in San Diego
Kitchen Remodel

What Is the Best Type of Flooring for a Kitchen?

We’re always using our kitchen floors, which is why its important to take the time to choose the best flooring for your kitchen.

The kitchen is one of the busier rooms in a house, if not the busiest. It’s where more spills happen from hot and cold liquids, and…

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Whole Home Remodeling San Diego
Home Remodel

Property Brothers Can Teach You About Home Remodeling

If you’ve watched the show Property Brothers on HGTV, then you know the drill.

Drew Scott, real estate agent extraordinaire, takes his client to an absolutely gorgeous dream home and then drops the bomb.

The perfect castle is always hopelessly out of the client’s price range. Zoom in on the client’s sad face. Not to worry, though, Drew’s…

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Home Renovations In San Diego
Home Remodel

What Home Renovations Offer the Best ROI?

Are you thinking about remodeling but don’t know which project to start with? One smart way to narrow down your options is to focus on the ones with the highest ROI, adding the maximum value to your home at the best price.

Given the current state of…

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Smart Kitchen Appliances
Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Automation: Must Have Modern Appliance Features for Your Kitchen

First, it was smart phones. Then, smart watches.

Now, the world of automated, accessible-from-anywhere devices has entered the kitchen. Just as they’ve revolutionized…

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San Diego Kitchen Remodel Company
Kitchen Remodel

Small Kitchen Remodeling Design Ideas For 2020

If you have a small kitchen in your condo or suburban home, there are still a lot of things you can do to make it look larger and more functional.

Here are just a few ideas that can turn even the smallest kitchen into an open, inviting and beautiful space.

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Recessed Lighting Design
Home Lighting

How to Choose Recessed Lighting for Your Home

Choosing the right kind of lighting for your home can be a daunting task.

Learn if recessed lighting is the right choice for you.

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