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Property Brothers Can Teach You About Home Remodeling

If you’ve watched the show Property Brothers on HGTV, then you know the drill.

Drew Scott, real estate agent extraordinaire, takes his client to an absolutely gorgeous dream home and then drops the bomb.

The perfect castle is always hopelessly out of the client’s price range. Zoom in on the client’s sad face. Not to worry, though, Drew’s…

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What Home Renovations Offer the Best ROI?

Are you thinking about remodeling but don’t know which project to start with? One smart way to narrow down your options is to focus on the ones with the highest ROI, adding the maximum value to your home at the best price.

Given the current state of…

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Is an ADU right for you?

Your neighbor has one. Your coworker has one. Your sister-in-law can’t stop raving about hers, and your mother has hinted…

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