El Cajon Garage to Pub Style Apartment

Accessory dwelling units, or ADUs, are becoming increasingly popular in Southern California as homeowners look for ways to supplement their income and others look for places to stay that are a step above the usual apartments or small homes. These homeowners opted to take advantage of this growing trend and convert their garage into a fully equipped flat, perfect for any adult children or potential tenants.

For this garage conversion, the owners wanted something refined, luxurious, and appealing to a wide variety of people. They opted for a light wood floor that would help reflect the light from the windows and be easy to clean. Meanwhile, the surrounding storage and kitchen cabinetry are a dark, almost black wood that brings in an air of sophistication.

A brick accent wall is featured on the opposite side, providing a neutral contrast to the bright green backsplash. These colors are reminiscent of a pub atmosphere, especially with the industrial-style pendant lighting and dark finishes. An island also offers a small seating area for any guests or tenants. The butcher block completes the look of the space.

To delineate the living room space, a couch is used as a wall to mark the start. It sits on an orange rug and has a film reel table. The laundry room is tucked away behind two doors to save space and keep the apartment looking clean.

Part of the garage was also converted into a bed and bathroom. The bathroom is bright and airy, with light wood flooring and marble tiles in the shower. Built-in shelves offer a place for storing towels and other linens, too. The vanity is made from warm, red-toned wood to implement the cozy pub design further. Black countertops help bring contrast to the otherwise stark white room, and the mirrors also feature a wooden base to add more depth.

The shower features a built-in seat for maximum comfort and a unique draining system using wooden slats to cover the actual plumbing, so everything looks more natural than industrial in the main apartment.

Though not furnished, the bedroom features ample room for a bed and anything else a tenant might need. The far wall is covered in reclaimed wood, adding a rustic feel to the space. It also adds visual interest to an otherwise plain space. A mirrored closet helps reflect light to make the room feel larger and hides a large closet.

This garage conversion would make a great place to live for any young tenant looking for a gorgeous apartment apart from the rest. Fully customized and with many gorgeous features, this pub-style flat is sure to appeal to many different types of people.