Bathroom Remodeling Tips

How can I make my bathroom more luxurious?

With careful planning and close attention to detail, any bathroom can become luxurious. Regardless of your tastes and preferences, luxury bathrooms are all about creating a space to truly relax after a long and stressful day. Consider these elements when designing your luxurious bathroom at home.

While ample space is unnecessary to create the perfect bathroom, the extra square footage helps create a spa-like feel. The sense of space will make it feel like your own private retreat and provide space for all the other luxurious items you might want to include. High ceilings contribute to added space and provide room for more oversized windows. A design consultant helps create the perfect floor plan for your luxurious retreat.

Luxurious materials make a luxury bathroom. Stone and solid wood are classic favorites, adding a sophisticated look and feel to the bathroom. Marble is another excellent choice, adding a truly luxurious feel to any space. Consider using the same material for both the floors and walls for a seamless finish.

Storage is a necessary element that adds sophistication. Custom or fitted storage units combine functionality and style in any luxury bathroom. Choose finishes such as wood or white gloss to create a timeless appeal that won’t go out of style.

When selecting fittings for your luxury bathroom, know that performance is critical. Consider separate tub and shower units, layering a freestanding bathtub to create visual interest and depth within the space. Freestanding baths can also act as statement pieces, while a chandelier can help ground the bath within the room.

Luxury Bathroom Showers

For the shower, consider a large showerhead to create a soothing rainfall effect to awaken your senses. An additional handheld set also makes for easier rinsing and cleaning. You may even want to add body jets, perfect for massaging away aches and pains. Concealed thermostatic valves can further streamline the look and feel of your shower, or you can opt for a thermostatic shower tower, which incorporates all the functions you could need in a single panel.

New Bathroom Shower

Sanitaryware is another crucial element. Consider wall-hung toilets, which hide the tank behind the wall, to maximize floor space and make cleaning easier. Toilets installed level to the wall are another popular choice and create a neater look.

‘His’ and ‘Hers’ vanities are another practical and popular choice that can make busy weekday mornings less stressful. 

To maximize luxuriousness, you need to consider the smallest details. A heated floor or heated towel rack can heighten the sense of luxury and comfort.

Lighting is also essential to setting the mood. Dimmer switches create a soothing atmosphere after a long day at work and help you unwind. Task lighting also increases both functionality and the feeling of luxury. Illuminated mirrors or cabinets help when shaving or putting on makeup, while carefully placed lamps or chandeliers create a focal point within the room.

Windows adds to lighting as well. You may opt for large windows overlooking a gorgeous view or create a small, plant-filled courtyard as a privacy screen.

Consider installing technology such as inset TVs or speakers to create an even more luxurious space. Nothing says relaxing after a long day, like catching up on your favorite shows or listening to relaxing music.

A luxurious bathroom should be about comfort and functionality. Kaminskiy Design and Remodel can help you create the perfect design for your luxury bathroom. Call us to schedule a consultation and get one step closer to your dream bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some elements to consider when designing a luxurious bathroom?

Elements to consider include ample space, high ceilings, luxurious materials like stone and marble, storage units, separate tub and shower units, fittings that prioritize performance, and lighting to set the mood.

How can storage add sophistication to a luxury bathroom?

Custom or fitted storage units combine functionality and style, and choosing finishes such as wood or white gloss provides a timeless appeal that remains stylish.

What are some recommended features for luxury bathroom showers?

Features include a large showerhead for a rainfall effect, an additional handheld set, body jets for massages, concealed thermostatic valves, or a thermostatic shower tower incorporating multiple functions in one panel.

How can sanitaryware enhance the luxuriousness of a bathroom?

Wall-hung toilets that hide the tank behind the wall maximize floor space and simplify cleaning. Toilets installed level to the wall offer a neater appearance, and ‘His’ and ‘Hers’ vanities make mornings less stressful.

What role does lighting play in enhancing a bathroom’s luxury feel?

Dimmer switches help create a calming atmosphere, while task lighting boosts functionality and luxury. Illuminated mirrors or cabinets aid in tasks like shaving or makeup application, and strategically placed lamps or chandeliers are focal points in the room.

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