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Luxury Bathroom Design Trends

Luxury bathrooms are trending. Bathrooms are becoming more luxurious, and people see the humble bathroom as an oasis of calm and even a place to hang out. 


Before we get into the specifics of a luxury bathroom, let’s talk about what makes a luxury bathroom different from an ordinary one. While luxury is often a matter of knowing it when you see it, a few characteristics define the design. 

Luxury bathrooms tend to be spacious. What could be more luxurious than devoting extra square footage to one of the most valuable rooms in your house? The modern luxury bathroom often features an open floor plan. 

Luxury bathrooms reimagine what a bathroom can be. Many luxury bathrooms have views and large windows instead of frosted glass. 

Luxury bathroom remodel designs focus on details. As we’re about to get into, a luxury bathroom is the total of many little details and features, from materials and hardware to the use of space and light. 

Luxury bathrooms are… luxurious. Maybe that’s stating the obvious. Perhaps you’re not supposed to use the word in the definition. But what sets a luxury bathroom apart is its focus on relaxation and enjoyment. 

You don’t use a luxury bathroom; you experience it. 


The sink is about as basic and functional as it gets. However, in a luxury bathroom, a sink can be a work of art. 

Vessel sinks stand out from the counter like a freestanding tub. They can be big glass bowls or even made of stone. Paired with the right faucet, a vessel sink can look more like a fountain than a sink. 

The console sink is a freestanding alternative to a traditional sink. It’s a good option for saving space and reducing the sink’s footprint in the room. Console sinks can take on a variety of styles. Some harken back to the age of wash basins. 

• Vanities

The floating vanity is a sleek, space-saving, modern option. It comes out from the wall, with space underneath, rather than up from the floor. 

• Mirrors

Mirrors can either be ultra-modern, with speakers, LED lights, and smart home integration, or old-fashioned, like the kind you’d ask for beauty advice in a fairytale. Either way, round mirrors are on trend and look good in various spaces. 

Bathroom Remodel San Diego
Feature sink faucet that is an elegantly curved hook and deep sink to avoid splashing


Luxury bathtubs are meant to be enjoyed, both when you’re in them and when you’re looking at them. Devoting ample space to this feature you might not use daily isn’t practical, but it’s part of what defines luxury.  

• Freestanding

The freestanding bathtub is modern but, at the same time, has an old-world charm. Almost all bathtubs used to be freestanding; the built-in variety took over to save space. It’s clear which one looks better. 

Whether it includes a showerhead or not, the freestanding tub gives the feeling that you have a space dedicated to bath time. 

• Sunken

On the other end of the spectrum is the less common sunken bathtub. These don’t work everywhere. Where they do, they are absolutely stunning. Check out this sunken tub with a mountain view for inspiration and maybe a little envy. 

One way to sink a tub is to have it built-in to a portion of your bathroom raised or lowered to a different level, giving the tub a deck all around. 

• Placement

The placement of the tub gets special consideration in a luxury bathroom. A freestanding tub can go out in the middle of the floor for a dramatic, open look. You can tuck it against the wall or in a corner if space concerns you. Doing it that way uses only slightly more room than an ordinary tub. 

Your boldest option is to put the bathtub somewhere other than in the bathroom. This isn’t for everyone, but it can be a unique and exciting choice in a suitable space, like a loft. 


Luxury showers tend to be open and minimalistic. Many don’t have a dam. If there’s a separation between the shower and the rest of the space, it’s often floor-to-ceiling glass. 

Custom Bathroom Shower


When you think of a luxury bathroom, you’re more likely to picture yourself slipping into a decadent bath than sitting on a high-tech toilet. But kings and queens need thrones.

• High Tech

The potty of the future is high-tech. Features like heated seats, built-in bidets, floor lights, and mood music to cover up the sounds of… business… have been available overseas for years and are now on the U.S. market. 

• Wall-Mounted & Colorful

As the name suggests, the wall-mounted toilet comes out of the wall like a floating vanity. This can be visually refreshing in a world where all toilets look pretty much the same. It also eliminates those nasty nooks and crannies behind the toilet that are a pain to clean. 

Another way to mix things up is to go with a color other than white for your toilet. This can match the room’s color scheme or stand out as an accent piece. 


Nothing says luxury like high-quality tiles in unique colors, textures, and patterns. If you don’t have the space for some of the other luxury bathroom ideas we’ve discussed, you can use tiles and hardware to make any space feel luxurious.  

Bathroom Tiles

• Bold

Boldness and uniqueness should be your goal. White is fine, but try to avoid big-box white tiles in standard sizes. Choose slim tiles or large tiles. Anything but ordinary.

Consider stunning patterns or striking uses of color coordination. One bold move is the monochrome bathroom or the even bolder all-black bathroom. 

• Marble

One of the most luxurious materials available, marble embodies quality through its rich color, its timeless texture, and, unfortunately, its price.

• Gold Hardware

Hardware makes a big difference. Gold is a beautiful option and a deluxe alternative to the standard bathroom chrome. 

• Natural

The natural look has its boldness. Stone, wood, and bamboo can look great. These can be refreshing since they’re not common choices. 

• Luxury On A Budget

Luxury is a style, not a price tag or a brand name. There are things you can do today to bring a touch of luxury into your existing bathroom while you’re waiting to win the lottery. 

• Accessories

A great place to start is by upgrading your hardware and accessories. The whole point of luxury bathroom design is to transform something functional into a sensual experience.

 Consider upgrading the little things most people don’t expect to be nice, like the soap dish and the wastebasket. There are even some stylish toilet brushes out there. 

Find aesthetically pleasing storage options for your toiletries, and throw out that plastic toothbrush cup with all the scum at the bottom. 

• Colors And Accents

One of the great things about tiles is the nearly infinite number of color and texture options. 

Can’t afford real stone? You can find gorgeous tiles that look like them. 

Can’t afford to rip out your old tiles? You can paint them. 

Forbes recommends playing with tiles and grout colors to achieve a luxurious look on a budget. 

• Acrylic Alternatives

Don’t worry about authenticity. The bathroom is one place where look-alikes will do just fine. Satiation and old stuff don’t always mix. Like in the kitchen, an heirloom piece like a console vanity can add an authentic touch. But there’s no need to drive up your costs by sourcing genuine everything. 

Designer bathrooms are kind of a new concept to begin with. Indoor bathrooms weren’t even a thing in most homes a hundred years ago.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What differentiates a luxury bathroom from an ordinary one?

A luxury bathroom is spacious, often with an open floor plan, and focuses on relaxation and enjoyment. It is defined by many details and features, such as the materials used, hardware, use of space, and lighting. Luxury bathrooms may also feature large windows with views rather than frosted glass.

How do luxury bathroom sinks differ in design?

In luxury bathrooms, sinks can serve as works of art. Options include vessel sinks that stand out from the counter and can resemble fountains and console sinks that are freestanding and can evoke designs from older times.

What are the popular styles and placements of luxury bathtubs?

Luxury bathtubs can be freestanding, offering a modern look with old-world charm, or sunken, providing a stunning visual when placed appropriately. Placing the tub in a luxury bathroom is crucial, with options ranging from the center of the room for an open look, against a wall, in a corner to save space, or even outside the bathroom in spaces like lofts for a unique touch.

How do luxury showers and toilets stand out in design?

Luxury showers are typically open and minimalistic, often separated by floor-to-ceiling glass without a dam. Luxury toilets with features like heated seats, built-in bidets, and mood lighting can be high-tech. Additionally, wall-mounted toilets that come out from the wall are a modern choice, and toilets in colors other than white can serve as accent pieces in the bathroom.

How can someone achieve a luxury bathroom look on a budget?

Luxury is more about style than price. One can start by upgrading hardware and accessories, considering aesthetically pleasing storage options, and using colors and accents creatively. Tiles offer a variety of color and texture options, and even if one can’t afford real stone, there are tiles that mimic the look. Painting old tiles or playing with tiles and grout colors can also give a luxurious feel. Acrylic alternatives and look-alike materials can be used without compromising the luxurious feel.

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