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Carmel Valley in San Diego County is undeniably one of the best places to call home in Southern California. Temperate weather all year round make it a great place to spend your days. As a Carmel Valley homeowner, you can make your place 100% more beautiful, comfortable, and convenient with an ADU by Kaminskiy Design & Remodeling.

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What Is An ADU?

An accessory dwelling unit, also known as a casita, is a smaller residential dwelling on the same lot as a single-family home. It may be attached to your main house, like a garage conversion, or detached from the main house and built as an independent structure. You can use this space as a rental unit, home office, mother-in-law suite, or guest house.

You might also hear them called accessory apartments, secondary suites, casitas or even granny flats. Depending on your plans and preferences, you can convert parts of your home or add new square footage. If you have the space and budget, you can build an entirely new structure!

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What Are The Different Types Of ADU’s?

An ADU in Carmel Valley can look and function in many different ways. Generally, they are classified as detached, attached, conversion, or junior units. Visualize a space in your house that you can convert or a detached structure in your backyard that can serve multiple purposes!


A detached ADU is a separate structure from your main house. You can see it as a backyard cottage where family members or guests can stay for an extended period of time. It is a detached residence with amenities and utilities, including its own kitchen and bathroom. It also features its own private entrance.


You can also choose to keep your unit attached. This type of dwelling is connected to your main house through a garage or hallway, but still offers privacy to its residents. It is more like a room addition that can be attached to one side of your house with its own amenities. The difference is that the additional space is often not fully accessible from the main house. Instead, it has its own entrance for residents.

Garage Conversion

You can turn an existing garage into an entirely livable space. A carriage house conversion is also a great option if you have a bigger garage with high ceilings. Downstairs could remain a garage and there could be a living space on the upper level. Basement apartments would also fall under a conversion type and make great places for family, friends, or guests.


Similar to conversion types, a junior unit involves converting a space of your home, or a detached area, into a new living space that cannot exceed 500 square feet. You can share the same primary residence, but with added privacy.

Types of ADU's in Carmel Valley

Benefits Of Building An ADU In Carmel Valley

Homes in Carmel Valley are unmistakably attractive in many unique ways. Some look modern and chic, while some have traditional exteriors. No matter your reason for wanting an ADU, you can be sure it will fit into whatever your design style and add more value to your property.

Whether you are working from home or have hobbies or side hustles that require extra space, a casita is a perfect solution. You can customize the design and layout to fit your needs, like having a soundproof home office or toolshed. Maximizing an existing space is ideal, but with the right budget, you can build a new detached structure to give yourself more elbow room.

A granny flat can be the perfect extra space for family and friends who visit you often. You will have more room to accommodate everyone without compromising your privacy or comfort. It provides more intimate and independent living for your guests, so no one will feel cramped.

Having an ADU on your property can help increase its value, too! This benefit is especially true if you rent the unit and earn extra income. Many homeowners with ADUs turn it into Airbnb or other vacation rental services to generate extra cash. You can rent it out as a long-term guest house as well.

Converting existing spaces into ADUs also requires less materials, energy, and resources than building from scratch. It is a fantastic way to have an additional dwelling without wasting too much on materials. Plus, it can contribute to energy efficiency by utilizing solar power and other renewable energy sources.

An ADU is a great way to have your extended family living closely but separately. This setup is ideal for multigenerational families who want to live in the same vicinity without sacrificing privacy. It is a great way to maintain physical and emotional connections with distant family members.

Construction of this space requires through knowledge of zoning construction laws. Learning them on your own would take too much time and effort on top of building the structure itself. Kaminskiy’s team of remodeling professionals have the legal knowledge, construction expertise, and communication skills to bring your vision for the space into reality without bending any rules or regulations. Let our team help you get the ADU you’ve always dreamed of.

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Build Your Carmel Valley ADU With Kaminskiy Design And Remodeling

Kaminskiy Design and Remodeling has designed and transformed countless award-winning homes in San Diego since 2005. When it comes to accessory dwelling units, we are the experts! We have skilled professionals who can accurately assess and design your ADU to meet all Carmel Valley regulations.

Our team features experienced architects, engineers, contractors, and designers who will help you create your dream ADU. We go beyond just compliance; we also strive to make your property look and function in its best possible form. Call Kaminskiy Design & Remodeling today to bring your dream space into reality!

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