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Does your home no longer have enough space for your growing family? While you can choose the expensive route of buying a bigger house, there is a more practical way to accommodate everyone in your existing Encinitas residence — accessory dwelling units. 

If you’re unfamiliar with an accessory dwelling unit, it’s because it’s commonly referred to as a granny flat, carriage house, mother-in-law suite, or casita. No matter what you call it, Kaminskiy Design and Remodeling can build an ADU in Encinitas that you can call a second home. Call us today for a complimentary consultation!

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What Is an ADU or Casita?

An ADU or casita is a small, self-contained residential dwelling built on the same property as your main house. However, it can either be attached to the main building or built as a stand-alone structure.  

ADUs usually cover 600 to 1,200 square feet of land area. Since it’s designed to be self-contained, it has all home essentials like a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and one or two bedrooms. To fit everything in, we make efficient use of every available area, including vertical space.

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Benefits of Building an ADU in Encinitas

An Encinitas ADU can serve various purposes and provide many benefits to you and your loved ones. 

Living Space for Other Family Members and Guests

Do your parents want to live close to you? Around 27% of U.S. senior citizens live alone, and some become lonely as a result. ADUs are also called granny flats because they accommodate older people and allow them to be near their families while still giving them their own private sanctuary. 

They can also serve as a cozy living space for in-laws, adult children, and other family members. The extra dwelling can also be used as a guest house for your friends. By having an ADU, you can give your loved ones a place to stay while still enjoying the privacy of your primary home. 

Source of Rental Income

Who said that you can’t turn your casita into commercial real estate? An ADU used as a rental property can generate a constant stream of passive income. Encinitas has no shortage of restaurants and activities, making this beach community a desired place to live.

Since the city has robust healthcare, technical services, and manufacturing industries, you can likewise market your rental space to the working sector. Ultimately, renting out this space is a great choice if you want a commercial investment that requires relatively low capital.

Boost in Property Value

These structures count as a real estate improvement that increases your property’s value. This is a primary reason why owners choose to construct these dwellings despite not having an immediate use for them. They can increase your property’s market and resale value by a lot.  

Since there are several uses for an additional self-contained dwelling, home buyers are likely to pay more too. If you plan to eventually sell your Encinitas home, increase its value now by adding this improvement.

Dedicated Space for Specific Activity

An ADU can be used as a dedicated workspace or recreational area. You can use the entire structure to build a professional studio or work setup. Alternatively, it can be an ample study space where your children can learn in peace, far from the distractions of the main house. It doesn’t have to be all work, no play. You can turn your casita into a gaming and entertainment area where the entire family can play and bond. The versatility of this self-contained structure is only limited by your imagination.

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Types of ADU's in Encinitas

Types Of ADUs

Kaminskiy Design and Remodeling has the skills, tools, and experience needed to build any type of granny flat. Our professional design team can bring your dream to life, may it be detached, attached, or built within your home’s existing structure.


As its name suggests, a detached ADU is separated from the primary building or house. It’s often built in the backyard or a few feet away from the main structure. Because of this physical distance, detached ADUs offer more privacy and flexibility than their attached counterparts. 

However, they’re more expensive since they have to be built from the ground up. Separate water and electric systems have to be connected to detached ADUs, further increasing costs. Kaminskiy can build this new structure exactly how you want it. Get your gorgeous Encinitas casita started today! 


An attached ADU is an extension of the main house. It’s a separate dwelling space that is connected either at the side or back of the primary residence. Despite being physically joined, the two structures are divided by a connecting wall to retain relative privacy. 

This type of implementation is ideal for those who want to retain a single-house aesthetic. Properties without a big backyard or outdoor space can also benefit from the low space requirements of an attached Encinitas casita.


A conversion is made by transforming a pre-existing area in your home into a separate living space. There are multiple ways to build this type of casita. One way is through garage conversion, where your garage is turned into a small housing unit, with utilities included. There are other methods, such as basement and carriage house conversions, that make use of the same concept.

These ADUs are the most affordable since the structure already exists. The downside is you lose some home features — like a parking space in the case of a garage conversion. We offer complimentary consultations at Kaminskiy Design and Services to help you decide which part of your house to convert into an ADU.

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From providing a dwelling place for your loved ones to being a source of income, there are many reasons to build a granny flat in Encinitas.

If you’re searching for a home design and remodeling company to build your ADU, look no further than Kaminskiy Design & Remodeling. With over a thousand satisfied clients in San Diego County, we are confident that we can make the casita you want and deserve. Contact us now so we can help you bring your vision into reality!

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