La Jolla Whole Home Remodeling

La Jolla is a gorgeous area, and your house should be as beautiful as the surrounding area. Kaminskiy believes that every homeowner should be able to create their dream house. We want to help you create a space that you’ll love for decades. Call Kaminskiy Design & Remodeling today and set up your complimentary consultation so you can start the journey toward your dream space!

What Is Whole Home Remodeling?

Whole home remodeling, to put it simply, is any remodeling project that involves redoing more than one room in your La Jolla property. The difference in scope is what makes projects like these special. Instead of focusing on a single space, you knock out multiple rooms at once, allowing for more useful changes to your house. This could be anything from making your kitchen and outdoor living spaces flow into each other to a master bedroom and bathroom remodel.

The scale of the project is up to you. From updating two rooms to a full revamp of your floor plan, Kaminskiy Design & Remodeling has the skill and knowledge to get the job done. Kaminskiy believes that everyone should be able to achieve their dream home. Let us help you create your perfect space. Call our office today and set up your complimentary consultation!

Why Whole Home Remodeling?

The scope of this project allows you to update your design in ways you couldn’t with a single room. Plus, choosing to do it room-by-room means you have to decide which space in your house needs renovating the most. A whole home remodel allows you to make better changes all at once. We’ve listed some other reasons you might consider doing a renovation of your whole space.

Personalize Your Home: Your house should fit your wants and needs. Everyone is different, and the house you live in should reflect exactly what you want in your space. Whether you’re buying a new house or updating the space you’ve lived in for decades, it’s important that it matches up with your personal tastes. A whole home remodel is the perfect way to turn your house into a place that reflects you.

Buying an existing house often means that the previous homeowner’s mark is still there. The property and foundation might be great, but the rooms and design style just doesn’t fit your personal needs. Before you move in, remodel those spaces to get a place that’s uniquely built to your tastes. That way, when you’ve moved in, everything will be exactly how you like it!

As time passes, the layout of your house becomes stale. What you enjoyed in the past becomes old and boring. As we change with age, so do our tastes. Moving is incredibly expensive and stressful, and the space you find may not match up with exactly what you want. A whole home remodeling project gives you the feel of a new house without the stress of moving. Don’t move; improve!

Elderly And Disability Accommodations: As we age, certain parts of the space we live in become difficult to access. Whether this is difficulty is navigating your stairs, reaching things in your cabinet, or getting in and out of the shower. When you notice that you’re struggling to navigate your house, it’s important to update everything so you can live in it without issues. Doing this all at once makes it the best way to keep your home feeling comfortable.

Multi-Generation Home Layouts: A lot of homes are built with a single nuclear family in mind. While that works for most, it may not fit your specific situation. This kind of project allows you to change your floor plan and make it fit your specific situation. Remodel your unused office into a new bathroom, or remake your old closet into a new bathroom. That way, your entire family can fit more comfortably in the space you share.

Modernization And Efficiency: Many homes throughout the San Diego area were built decades ago. Since then, we’ve created new technologies that increased the efficiency of electrical appliances and more. The world of interior design has also changed over the years. Bring your home into the modern day so that it runs more efficiently and saves you monthly expenses while looking beautiful. Update your appliances and fixtures to better fit today’s lifestyle.

Make Your Rooms Lead Into Each Other: The flow between rooms is important. Some homeowners update one room without realizing that it could affect the flow of their floor plan and the overall feel of their house. Walking from an old, outdated room into a brand-new room can feel jarring. A whole home remodel allows you to help your rooms feel connected and shift the floor plan. Update your space and make every room feel like a piece of a larger puzzle.

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Differences Between One-Room And Whole Home Remodeling

Lower Cost: The initial cost of remodeling a single room may be lower than a whole home remodel, but if you’re planning on renovating your entire house, doing it room-by-room is a lot more expensive. From applying for necessary permits over and over again to designing one room that might not feature the same materials as other nearby spaces, the cost adds up. Kaminskiy is able to take care of your remodeling project from start to finish.

Consistent Design: The best way to make every room cohesive is to renovate all at once. Doing one room at a time causes every space to feel disjointed or disconnected from the other. Not only that but if you split your individual room remodels up by months or years, there’s a chance that appliances or fixtures you fell in love with at the beginning of the process are retired in between projects. This means you’ll either need to replace those fixtures or leave it feeling disjointed.

Kaminskiy can help you knock out every aspect of your renovation at once. Contact our office today so we can help make each room in your space feel like it’s a detail in a larger piece of art!

Why Choose Kaminskiy?

We keep you involved through every step of the process. We know that your opinions on the final work is what matters most, so we make sure the final product is something you’ll love for decades.

We start our process with a complimentary consultation in your home. With this consultation, we see the space you want changed, hear how you want it changed, and get any important measurements for the design and construction process. We meet with you one more time after creating an initial design and address any concerns or changes you want. Once the design is finalized, we meet you at our senior design center and go over the design and construction process so you’ll know when to expect the completed project.

Our senior designer meets with you again to go shopping for the materials and fixtures you want. We also take care of the permits and get started on construction. Kaminskiy’s team keeps you in the loop throughout the construction process, giving you regular updates on the progress. Once the project is finished, we’re so confident that you’ll love the space that we hold a celebration in your new house.

Kaminskiy wants to help your dream space come to life. Few homeowners are able to create their dream home, so why not create yours? Let our team of expert designers and builders give this project the care it deserves. Call our office and schedule your complimentary consultation today!