Project Coordinator

Emma is a versatile professional with a background that includes data analysis, plumbing apprenticeship, and permit running. Currently excelling as a Residential Construction Project Coordinator, she combines her analytical expertise with a passion for the construction industry. Emma is also pursuing a master’s degree in Construction Management to further enhance her knowledge and expertise in the field. 

As a Data Analyst, Emma honed her analytical prowess, utilizing data to make informed decisions and uncover valuable patterns to optimize business processes. Her meticulous approach to data analysis allowed her to identify opportunities for improvement and drive growth within the organizations she worked with.  

Driven by a desire to merge her analytical skills with a tangible and hands-on field, she made a transition into the plumbing industry, where she gained valuable experience as a Plumbing Sales Specialist and Plumbing Apprentice. This experience not only deepened her knowledge of construction but also provided her with valuable insights into customer relations and problem-solving.  

As a Residential Construction Project Coordinator, Emma is thrilled to bring together her diverse skill set to oversee projects from conception to completion. Her keen eye for detail, effective communication, and natural leadership skills enable her to collaborate seamlessly with stakeholders, ensuring projects are delivered on time and within budget.  

Beyond her professional endeavors, she cherishes spending quality time with her loving family – a devoted husband, two wonderful girls, and their playful feline companion. Together, they relish the simple joys of life, exploring the beauty of the beach, the excitement of playgrounds, and the wonder of amusement parks.  

Emma is passionate about making a meaningful impact in the residential construction industry, and each day presents an opportunity to learn, grow, and contribute to the success of the projects she manages. With a strong dedication to her work and a heart full of enthusiasm, she strives to create a harmonious balance between her personal and professional life.