Whole Home Remodeling In Poway

Poway is a beautiful area to live in. Like a lot of San Diego, however, many homes are outdated and were built in a decade that doesn’t reflect modern design trends. A whole home remodel for your Poway residence is the best way to create your dream space.

Kaminskiy Design & Remodeling believes that dreams can come true. Our team of skilled professionals can handle every step of the remodeling process. Let us help you create the dream space you’ve always wanted!

What Is Whole Home Remodeling?

The phrase ‘whole home remodeling’ just refers to any remodeling project that renovates two or more rooms. This means that this project could be an update to your master bedroom and bathroom, or it could be a complete reworking of the ground floor of your house so that your entry room, kitchen, living room, and outdoor living space all flow into the other. The scope of the project is up to you, but these projects allow for a cohesive design of your house that remodeling a single room doesn’t allow.

Kaminskiy Design & Remodeling has the knowledge and skill to create a design that you love. We handle every step of the process and keep you in the loop. The homeowner’s vision comes first and foremost. Our team also works quickly and efficiently so that you can enjoy your new space as soon as possible. Contact our office today and set up a complimentary consultation!

Why Whole Home Remodeling?

You can have many different reasons for remodeling multiple rooms at a time. For one, it can be difficult to decide which room in your house you want to remodel first. You might also want to knock down walls between rooms and create an area that flows. We’ve outlined some of the most common reasons people have for doing a whole home remodeling project below.

Personalization: Everyone’s home should be a place they love to live in. It should also directly reflect the person who lives inside it. Every property bought is a house that already has someone else’s mark on it. Before moving in, update your Poway residence with a remodel so that your space meets all your wants and needs.

Your house often begins to grow stale the longer you’ve lived in it. Certain places that were once great features become flaws as time goes on and tastes change. You may have worked around the current layout by compromising with your actual wants, but the space still doesn’t suit what you need out of it. Remodeling your property is the best option.

Moving is also an option, but it’s a lot more stressful than it’s worth. You run into the same problem as before, where the homes you find have someone else’s mark on them. Finding a new property in Poway, or anywhere in San Diego County is extremely difficult, but finding a property that suits your exact needs is near impossible. Instead of moving, improve the space you already have. A whole home remodeling project will give you the feel of a new house without the stress of buying one.

Disability And Elderly Accommodations: As we grow older, the places we live in can become difficult to maneuver. Staircases that were once easy to scale are now treacherous, and walking around is more exhausting than it used to be. A whole home remodel can update your residence so it fits your current needs. Install railings, ramps, and lower cabinets that are easier to reach. Remodeling projects like these should be done all at once. Remodeling room-by-room will keep certain parts of your house inaccessible for the months or years between projects. Make your house feel comfortable again!

Multi-Generational Living: More often than not, houses are built with a single family in mind. This doesn’t always work for every family, though. Certain rooms in your house may be unused or unsuitable for your family’s needs. Update those unused rooms and turn them into livable spaces. Turn the old office into a new bedroom or the empty closet into a bathroom. Remake your current house into a space your whole family will find comfortable.

Efficiency And Modernization: Many homes in San Diego County were built decades ago. Modern technology has since changed the way new homes are built, including making them more energy efficient. Old electrical appliances and fixtures can increase your energy bill. Updating its wiring and layout will help lower monthly electrical bills. It will also help your space transition from old trends into a more modern style.

Each Room Leads Into The Next: Good flow between rooms is the best part of widening the scope of your remodeling project. Updating one room at a time may be great for that specific space, but the layout doesn’t change. A whole home remodel allows you to plan out your design in a way that allows each room to flow into the next. Have it feel cohesive with a consistent design style. The bigger the project’s scope, the better your space will flow.

Whole Home Remodeling Company In Poway

How Doing A Whole Home Remodel Is Better Than A Room-By-Room Remodel

Lower Cost: Updating your house one room at a time has a higher cost overall than if you were to do a whole home remodel. This is because constantly beginning a new project each time requires you to find the same products consistently, and certain products become sparse as time goes on. Reapplying for necessary permits with each room also adds to the overall cost. Instead, knock your remodel out in one fell swoop to save on price and time. 

Consistent Home Design: Every room in your house should feel like a detail in a larger piece of art. Remodeling room-by-room makes it feel disjointed in the many months or years between renovation projects. Not only that, but certain products you may have fallen in love with can be discontinued, and modern design styles change. You will be faced with the decision between updating fixtures you’ve already updated or keeping your space fragmented. Kaminskiy can help you by creating a design that flows beautifully from room to room. Contact our office today!

Why Choose Kaminskiy For Your Whole Home Remodeling Project?

Kaminskiy’s team makes sure you are happy with the direction your remodel is going through every step of our process. The vision for your home comes first and foremost. This is where you live, and we want it to make you feel happy.

The first step of our process is an on-site, complimentary consultation. This helps us get a feeling for your space while we get your ideas for how you want it changed. Then, we meet you again to go over our initial designs and get any feedback on possible changes.

Once we finish the design, you’re invited to come to our design center so we can present it to you, have it finalized and approved, and outline the design and construction process. You and one of our designers go shopping for the materials, appliances, and fixtures later in the process, while our construction team then takes care of any necessary permits before we start.

We keep you informed about every step. We’re so confident you’ll love your new home that we finish it off with a celebration in your new space! Not everyone has the opportunity to create their dream house. Don’t let your dreams fade. Call Kaminskiy Design & Remodeling today to set up your complimentary consultation so you can start the process toward your dream space!