Chula Vista Kitchen Remodel

This Chula Vista kitchen remodel embraces understated elegance and sophistication in its design through contrasting tones and textures. Though small, the overall design still feels spacious, with an island of dark wood breaking up the lighter colors in the space. Cabinets are built-in and tall to give a sense of length to the room. Mid-tone brown floors tie all the elements together, running parallel to the cabinetry to further enhance the room’s length.

The white cabinets with decorative trim contrast the dark, simpler island cabinetry and the rugged feel of the stonework wall. The island acts as a focal point and anchor, with dark wood that beautifully offsets the white countertop and adds warmth to the room. It also draws the eye to the matching white hood between the cabinets.

Opposite the island is a stonework wall made of rough-cut bricks in varying shades of cream. The light color softens the contrast between the white and dark brown cabinets while also acting as another surface for lighting to reflect off to add to the brightness of the design. Subtle pendant lighting provides additional light to the space.

A fridge is cleverly concealed behind two cabinet doors, making the design seamless. Dark gray appliances and fixtures, including a large farmhouse sink, blend subtly into the space with matching cabinet fixtures.

This is just one of the countless San Diego kitchen remodels we have completed. Contact us to learn our we can help design the kitchen of your dreams today!