Del Mar Contemporary Bathroom Remodel

This Del Mar bathroom needed an update that reflected the homeowner’s contemporary and urban style. With bold colors and textures, it brings cool city vibes to this beachside home.

Rather than opt for a brighter color palette, the client chose a darker one for a cozy space that would feel right at home in any major city apartment. With a bold, bright purple accent wall reminiscent of pop art, the rest of the bathroom also leans into an artistic aesthetic.

The chandelier is a mix of functional lighting and art piece; it features hanging glass globes that match the circular shapes used throughout the design.

Due to the lack of space, the mirror doubles as a lighting feature, with inlaid strips of lights to help illuminate the area as the owner gets ready for the day. Next to it are two floating shelves in black against the purple accent wall, made to hold whatever you might need in place of a medicine cabinet.

The vanity features two sinks with modern and sleek fixtures in silver. The countertop is a black, decorative piece with designs etched to make it look like leather. The backsplash comprises crackled glass pieces.

For a bit of contrast against the darker colors used in the design, the cabinets underneath the sinks and the cabinet between the sinks are sleek, minimalist white with silver handles. The glossy finish adds to the refined, contemporary touch. This gives the owners enough room to store any linens or other necessities out of the way.

In this design, even the toilet gets an urban makeover. Unlike traditional models, this one is square and boxy, with the flushing mechanisms installed above it with a chromatic silver finish. It sits between the sinks and the shower. Hanging almost above it is a round light that provides extra lighting for visibility and safety.

The shower features a tile of gray and silver circles in various sizes. These tiles cover the space from floor to ceiling, with a glass wall and door on the far side. The owners opted for a cool concrete floor embedded with reflective glass pieces for the shower and bathroom flooring.

For the final touches, the bathroom has sculptural pieces meant to call back to modern art. The result is a chic, contemporary space for the homeowner with an artistic sensibility.

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