Del Mar Heights Transitional Kitchen Remodel

The homeowners of this Del Mar Heights home wanted a transitional kitchen remodel. Dark jewel tones bring a traditional touch, while lighting fixtures and a suspended hood add contemporary flare.

Lightly colored countertops help balance out the deep cherry tones of traditional cabinetry, so the space does not feel too dark. The red also adds a sense of gravitas without overstating it.

A large, suspended hood draws the eye to the island, offering informal seating perfect for gatherings or guests. Frosted glass in the pantry door also helps keep the space streamlined and provides a clever solution to hiding anything that isn’t needed in the kitchen.

To complete the look, sleek modern appliances break up the heavy jewel tones of the cabinets. A gray, horizontal gray glass tile backsplash also bridges the contemporary aesthetics with those more traditional elements of the space.

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