Escondido Bathroom Remodel

This Escondido bathroom remodeling project provided a much-needed update to this tired old design. Bright whites and elegant fixtures help achieve this new look.

The room is painted in a soft off-white that imparts a soothing atmosphere. It also helps warm up the space through the diffusion of natural light. Without diminishing their usefulness, this helps tone down any harsher artificial light, such as those above the sink. The wall color also helps the tub and shower tile stand out more.

The vanity is made from a solid, dark wood that contrasts beautifully with the lighter elements found in the design. It also features dark handles that blend in, so nothing stands out too much, and every part of the design is harmonious. One side of the vanity also features a built-in vanity mirror, perfect for putting on makeup in the morning. A linen cabinet sits above the toilet as well for added storage.

The light fixture above the mirror carries a darker color, which features a brushed bronze finish. This same finish is used for the sink faucets, the shower head, and the tub fixtures. The contrast helps them stand out, but it also helps temper the space’s overwhelming pale, neutral tones. Just this little contrast makes a huge difference in providing visual interest to the design.

Inside the shower, the owners chose a light gray-brown tile in a subway style. A niche is cut into the wall to store shampoo, conditioner, and soap and is tiled with an accent backdrop. This backdrop is the same tile used on the space floor, which is made up of small, circular variegated tiles. These tiles contrast the smooth marble-tiled walls and help provide traction to avoid slippage. Glass shelves were installed to hold everything you might need in the shower without breaking up the design or distracting you.

Another notable feature of the shower is its shower heads and spray nozzles. A rainfall showerhead was installed at the top end of the shower, while there is an additional, removable nozzle for an easy time rinsing yourself off.

The tub is built into the wall and is covered with a marble slab to enhance the piece’s look. It features a towel rack nearby for convenience and a pull-out faucet next to the fixed faucet. The owners chose a soothing painting of white flowers on a light brown and gray background to match the design and enhance the spa-like atmosphere. A chandelier completes this look, hanging over the tub for ultimate luxury.

Though limited in space, this gorgeous bathroom remodel still provides the serene, spa-like atmosphere these homeowners wanted in their own homes. Tucked away, it provides an escape from the worries of everyday life.

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