Baja Inspired Kitchen Remodel In La Jolla

The homeowners of this La Jolla home wanted a Baja-inspired kitchen remodel. Bright, bold colors and beautifully stained cabinets make this a true paradise.

The focal point of this kitchen is the bright, turquoise backsplash throughout the kitchen. Mixed with a Mexican-inspired horizontal tile, the bold colors draw the eye and give a vibrant air to the design. It draws in the color of the Baja coast, transplanting it into this California home.

Warm brown cabinets reflect the warm brown tones of the floor and give a traditional feel to the space. End cabinets feature framed glass doors to showcase the colorful glassware inside.
The overall effect is of being in a traditional, Mexican-style cantina. Warm tones and bold colors act to heighten the effect.

We love La Jolla as much as you! The natural beauty from Mt. Soledad to La Jolla Cove provides inspiration for our design team. Contact us today and learn why we are the number one kitchen remodeling company in La Jolla!