Lakeside Traditional Kitchen Remodel

This Lakeside residence fully embraces the traditional kitchen style in its remodel. Taking inspiration from the 18th and 19th centuries, the cabinets and countertops fully use this timeless style.

The cabinets are the main feature, with a deep cherry red color and a warm tone, which reflects the warm reds featured on the hardwood floor. The walls are kept neutral yet tender beige to allow the warmth of the deep red to shine through. The subway tiles match the colorway to maintain the style coherent. With subtle, polished silver fixtures, the overall design is cohesive without features competing for attention.

The countertops wrap around, creating a peninsula with seating for four and access to the electric stovetop. This makes it excellent for entertaining guests in the house. It also provides more casual seating compared to the dining room while still retaining a traditional feel. Warm brown leather stools continue the traditional color scheme, while their metallic frame ties into the metallic hood that serves as the focal point over the peninsula.

Views to the living room are created by installing a free-hanging hood and an easy-to-clean electric stovetop that do not take up too much room.

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