Mira Mesa Entire Home Remodel

For this Mira Mesa property, the homeowners chose to remodel every part, from bathrooms to bedrooms. The result is a clean, contemporary, and minimalist interior design style.

The entire home features light wood flooring that helps balance the light and dark elements of the design in each room. In the kitchen, it helps the dark brown cabinets stand out against the cool walls and other light features. A granite countertop doubles as a backsplash behind the stove, featuring gray streaks to tie into the cabinets, flooring, and silver fixtures.

The peninsula features enough seating for two people at the counter, with modern chairs in white leather and metallic silver legs. This kitchen makes the most of the limited space by offering storage solutions in both the upper and lower cabinets.

For the handles, the homeowners opted for a curved design that provides a balance against the sharp angles and lines of the cabinets and countertops.

Next to the kitchen is the living room, which currently features two armchairs and a large fireplace, perfect for cozy evenings. It creates a comfortable space for homeowners to relax after a hard day of work. Nearby is another formal dining room or entertainment space, and a fireplace stands opposite the staircase for year-round cozy seating areas.

Part of this whole home remodel included creating an elegant, curved staircase with the same wood flooring used throughout the rest of the house. It leads up to completely remodeled bedrooms and bathrooms. One bedroom makes good use of a slanted ceiling, using the window and light tones to make it feel wider and longer than the room is.

The other bedroom has a gabled ceiling that is barely noticeable, using white paint to hide a beam that could not be removed. It is perfect for a guest bedroom or a child’s room as they grow. There is enough space for everything, from clothes to toys.

One of the guest bathrooms features a clear glass shower, complete with a seat and removable showerhead for maximum comfort. The floor features stone tiles within the shower that provide better traction, and the walls are inlaid with a different stone-like tile.

For the niche and decorative border, the owners chose a mixed glass and stone tile in shades of blue and seafoam green, with cream as a neutral third color. The bathroom itself has a freestanding vanity in dark brown-black tones with a marble countertop.

The larger bathroom in the home has a walk-in shower and, like the other one, also features a removable showerhead and seat. Square stone tiles make up the floor, as opposed to the natural stone tiles in the other bathroom.

This space seeks to be slightly more refined than the other, with smoother textures and cleaner lines. The shower walls are tiled with an off-white variety and feature a horizontal border of curved, soft gray tiles. For the vanity, the owners chose a mixed granite countertop in grays and browns and used similar colors for the stain of the cabinets.