North Park Kitchen Remodel

This North Park kitchen remodel takes its inspiration from French provincial cottages. Soft, warm colors add a cozy atmosphere, while floral motifs and traditional overlay cabinetry add to the quaint charm.

The kitchen backsplash features a white floral scroll motif in tile, with plain white tiles forming a border to add subdued elegance and subtle French influence to the overall design. Cream-colored cabinets with painted borders add a more traditional touch. Their color also adds warmth to the room, enhanced by the lighting below the cabinetry. A custom hood adds softer, more feminine touches to the design, characteristic of the French provincial style.

Traditional barn doors keep the pantry tucked away but can be moved to one side to display the pantry with extra counter space and open-style cabinets to display the homeowner’s baking supplies and equipment.

Large windows are framed with short swag curtains to soften the effect of the natural light coming into the space. Meanwhile, a dark brown chandelier continues the scroll motif and adds further feminine influences.

The island offers a pop of cool periwinkle blue that nicely balances out the warmer cream tones throughout the design. It also adds a bright yet subtle pop of color that adds visual interest to the room.

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