Northpark Condo Whole Home Remodel

The owners wanted a space reminiscent of an Italian countryside villa for this North Park condo. Warm tones dominate the design, from the kitchen to the bathroom and bedroom. It also features a variety of art from Italy to help cement the theme.

Because of the condo’s limited space, the design had to make the most out of certain aspects that could not be expanded or moved. This includes the kitchen. Despite this limitation, the design is still spacious and open, perfect for any aspiring chef. The cabinets are stained in a red-brown finish that matches the wood flooring.

Black granite countertops are used to contrast the cabinets and backsplash. A stone brick tile mimics the rustic looks found in many Italian villas. Behind the stove is a tile inlay depicting a picturesque view of the Italian countryside, too, fully tying this to the rustic style.

Further cementing this theme is a tapestry and art hung around the home, including Italian landscapes and imagery. One tapestry hangs behind the dining table, similar in tone to the cabinets, with an ornate chandelier hanging just above it for lighting. A rug helps delineate between the kitchen, living, and dining spaces.

Moving into the rest of the property, the bedroom features the same warm tones found in the kitchen and dining areas. The walls are painted a golden color that looks similar to the tile found in the kitchen’s backsplash.

A four-poster bed brings in aspects of the Old World, complete with a red-stained wood that plays off the comforter and pillow shams. On either side are matching nightstands with drawers for extra storage and lamps on top for cozy lighting. For additional bedroom lighting, the owners opted for built-ins that hang over the bed but can still illuminate the entire space.

The connected ensuite features cabinetry in the same style as the kitchen. Rather than black granite in this space, however, the owners opted for a lighter, mixed cream and brown slab. It plays off the brushed finish of the faucet and the mirror frame.

The flooring is a marble-like tile set diagonally for a bit of visual interest in such a narrow space. Again, the owners had to make the most of this space, but with the right features, even this space looks luxurious.

The bathroom features a separate tub and shower unit. Both are tiled with golden-toned stone material, with built-in niches for soaps and shampoos. Gold curtains frame the bathtub, acting as both privacy curtains and shower curtains. An inlay is featured on the far wall, this time of the Italian coastline.

The shower features a similar inlay, also of the coast, but a different view. It is tiled with stone for the floor and uses green glass tiles for the niche. These constant references to Italy help create the atmosphere of an Italian villa right here in the heart of sunny Southern California.