Poway Estate Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen renovation at this Poway estate defines as elegant and refined. The room is spacious and offers ample counter space for cooking and dining in the kitchen. The open concept allows a clear view of the rest of the house.

The gray cabinets contrast with the white cabinets on the back wall of the kitchen. This brings the focus to the main prep area. The elegant leaf designs adorn the endcaps and joints of the gray cabinets. Paired with marble countertops with hints of gold, the look is one of luxury and refinement. Stainless steel appliances further bring focus to the main kitchen area.

Elegant, polished chairs placed around the cooking space make the island a functional kitchen and dining area. Large windows in the back provide soft, natural light that enhances the elegance of the space. Two crystal chandeliers offer more lighting for the cooking space. The recessed lighting set into a decorative conference ceiling is a casual alternative.

Brushed silver fixtures and the custom, textured farmhouse sink blend seamlessly into the design. Light wooden floors lighten the entire design and reflect the natural and recessed lighting. Two cleverly hidden controls allow for the skylights to open or close, adding another aspect of elegance to the overall design.

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