Poway Traditional Kitchen Remodel

The traditional kitchen remodel in this Poway home features a calm, neat space with wrap-around cabinets and countertops. Colors are kept within complementary shades so that each feature complements the other perfectly.

Cabinets are a brighter orange-red color that lends itself well to the traditional color palette. With classic round knobs and a simple, yet elegant design, these cabinets provide storage while also keeping the room grounded and harmonious.

The glass tile backsplash has hints of blue blended with varying shades of browns and oranges, subduing the bright colors so it balances in seamlessly with the design. Variance in shapes and sizes also gives some visual interest upon closer inspection.

Light brown tile floors tie the look together, with a simple marbled design popular in traditional homes. Their color also matches that of the countertops, both of which help lighten up the darker elements of the design.

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