Rancho Bernardo Bright Whole Home Remodel

This Rancho Bernardo home needed an update to something more modern. The result? A gorgeous, minimalist chic interior that perfectly captures urban luxury.

One of the challenges of this project was the long living room, which offered little width but a lot of length. To make the best of this unusual architecture, a fireplace was placed at one end to serve as a focal point, with the TV installed above the mantel. It also helped balance out the tall window off to the side.

Asymmetrical designs also helped make the most of a space that, due to the roof, carried a slant in the ceiling. Skylights offer additional natural light, while windows cover the entirety of one wall, mirroring the use of picture frames and another wall décor on the opposite side.

Two cream-colored chairs sit against the windows, with a mirrored table between them, and feature warm gray pillows. This is in contrast to the two chairs opposite, which are a light gray, more upholstered, and feature white, gray, and blue pillows. A glass table sits between them, with silver hardware.

This framing provides the illusion of symmetry and straight lines when, in reality, the fireplace is off-center. It is a clever visual trick aided by the use of a couch that, visually, is exactly the length of the hearth. This moves the gray upholstered chairs off to one side to line up with the reading nook near the tall window, drawing another straight line.

As part of this whole home remodel, the owners also opted to renovate their kitchen. It features the same light wooden floors found in the living area and the same bright white paint. The cabinets also continue the silver hardware theme, which blends in well with the appliances and creates a cohesive element. Gray tile also features to bring in other color elements from the adjoining rooms.

Again, this kitchen remodel uses odd angles and increases the space despite these design limitations. Accent countertops are featured around the range in a brown-gray finish, which wraps around the opposite side as an island and bar top, framing the kitchen area away from the living room. A large window over the kitchen sink offers excellent views of the outdoor living area and surrounding landscape.

Moving further back is the formal dining area, which is anchored through a hanging crystal chandelier so that the table and chairs are not floating in empty space. Two double doors lead outside and offer great views of the backyard.

The line of sight then moves toward the second fireplace, laid with whitewashed brick, and another smaller seating area for an informal parlor. Large windows bring in natural light, and silver continues in the décor in the tables, fan, and lighting.

Finally, the main bedroom and bath were both remodeled to match the new design style found throughout the home. The spacious bedroom features a large, upholstered bed in white with gray accent throws and pillows. Two gray mirrors also hang above the bed as decor, and the nightstands are made of mirrors. A large chandelier hangs from the ceiling for that added sense of luxury.

The entrance to the bathroom is wide and leads to an equally spacious bathroom with double vanities with white cabinetry and two silver mirrors hanging above each sink. The walk-in shower is mirrored by a bathtub that sits next to a wide window, giving a view outside, though the windows are frosted for privacy. More storage is found in an extra vanity that can either store linens or makeup.

The wood here is a softer gray to bring more serenity to the space. Silver, mirrored tile also offers a surface for light to continuously reflect off of, creating the feeling of an open-air space. Sconces and a hanging chandelier above the tub complete the look.