If we were to describe this design in one word, it would be classic. With gold accents and white and blue combinations, this bathroom is the perfect example of a colorful yet classic space.

Blue and white have always been a classic combination, but the challenge is to avoid making it appear too nautical. In this case, the potential for a nautical look is offset with gold fixtures and accessories in an Art Deco style that recalls the 1920s era rather than a ship. The blue is also used sparingly, found only in the cabinetry, the towels, and the sliding barn door that conceals the entrance to the shower.

Some blue is found in the niche meant for shampoo and conditioner in the shower, but it is a blue-gray that looks classic in this marble-like material. A sandy brown mimics the glowing gold features, too, further tying this to classic luxury rather than anything related to sailing. More subtle blue flashes can be found in the tile flooring, but it is pearlescent here, meaning the contrast between the white is much more subtle.

For an added touch of class, a chandelier hangs over a seating area tucked across from the shower. Its glass beads are also reflected in the lighting above each mirror behind the sinks. Two chairs with luxurious pillows offer the owners a place to get ready for the day. Built-in cabinets also provide storage for linens or the owners’ next outfits. This makes the bathroom the perfect space for getting ready without making several trips between the bed and the bathrooms.

This space is meant to be shared by two people, with matching his and hers sinks. This, by no means, makes the area crowded, though. There is plenty of space between the two sinks so both people can get ready in the morning without encroaching on the other’s space. Matching gold framed mirrors, lights, and towel holders complete the symmetrical look.

A built-in vanity mirror is attached to one side so makeup can be easily applied without relying on the mirror much further away. It features a folding arm so it can be brought out during use and tucked away when not.

This bathroom, unfortunately, lacks larger windows which could provide it with natural lighting. To combat this and keep the space from feeling too dark, the chandelier and lights above the mirror are supported through recessed lighting that blends into the ceiling. In fact, it would be hard to tell this space is dark when these lights are on!

Finishing off the design are additional gray tones found in the pillows, bathmats, and marble countertops. Even the marble tile used on the shower walls gives just enough dimension to keep the space from feeling dull and bland. The result is a space that would look right at home in any Gatsby-inspired residence.