This San Diego Contemporary Home Remodel project by Kaminskiy Design and Remodeling showcases a blend of modern aesthetics and functional design. The project features various upgrades and remodels throughout the home.

The bathroom remodels are a highlight, with walk-in showers that include benches for comfort. The showers are curbless, providing a sleek and modern look. The bathrooms also feature contemporary sink upgrades, and vanity remodels.

The mirrors with built-in lighting and brown cabinets add a touch of elegance. Using granite for sink backsplashes and shower walls gives the bathrooms a luxurious feel.

The project also includes a master bedroom, and bathroom transition remodel, enhancing the flow between these two important spaces. The guest bathtub remodel follows the same design cues: granite walls and beautiful dark tiles.

The living spaces were not left out in this remodel. The living room features a contemporary remodel with a cozy fireplace and comfortable seating. Large windows allow for ample natural light, enhancing the room’s overall ambiance.

The dining nook remodel provides a cozy space for family meals, while the staircase upgrade adds a modern touch to the home’s interior architecture.

The project also includes unique features like barn-style wooden sliding doors and hidden storage solutions, demonstrating a thoughtful approach to space utilization.