San Diego Elegant Home Remodel

This San Diego home underwent an elegant makeover to reflect the homeowner’s lifestyle. Upon entering the home, visitors are greeted by a drawing room with ample seating for guests. To keep things neutral, the chairs are soft and off-white with pewter gray accent studs that pull from the various gray tones in the rug, wood flooring, and accent pillows. Pops of gold add an elegant flair to the entire design and can be found in the lighting and coffee table.

Gold accents are reflected throughout the rest of the remodel, including in the bathroom. One of the guest bathrooms features gold inlaid tyle in an Art Deco style, paired with golden fixtures, sconces, and an angular mirror. Though it matches the rest of the home, this space draws in more elements from the natural world, including floral elements.

A shower features gold hardware along the glass and between the marble step leading into the space. The shower head, faucet, lights, and mirror also feature the brushed gold finish found in the table and lamps of the living room. They add an element of high class in a space reminiscent of Parisian architecture. Even the wallpaper carries these subtle gold accents to tie the entire look together.

These warm white colors are carried into the other adjoining rooms. A formal dining area features the color on the walls and table runner. Gold is featured again in both the bauble chandelier and the mirrored clock at the head of the space. Golden candle holders also feature, drawing your eye down the table.

The furniture is a mix of a dark brown table and grey cloth dining chairs, which feature a studded and upholstered look as their counterparts in the living room. A dark brown finish on the table contrasts all the brighter colors in the room, but it also helps tie in the nearby kitchen, which uses dark brown cabinetry.

Stepping into the kitchen, the same marble used in one of the guest bathrooms is used here as a backsplash and countertop. Dimension is added through the gray streaks in the marble countertops and backsplash used here. The brushed gold is only found in the pendant lights; everything else has been replaced with a brushed steel look that is more befitting of the kitchen and far easier to clean.

Moving upstairs, the back wall of the stairwell features stone tiles for added texture. Once again, pendant lighting is used, but this time it transitions from the brighter gold tones of downstairs to softer bronze tones.

One of the bathrooms here features silver as its main metallic component. Unlike in other spaces, this mirror is more angular, with curved lines that end in sharp cutouts and angles. The

lighting is once again a pendant style and features the chandelier look found downstairs. Dark cabinetry is echoed again, with a small, built-in vanity and the same marble countertop.

The adjoining bedroom is outfitted for a young girl. Unlike the rest of the home, color is often used here rather than just metallic elements. Peach coats the walls and is found in the pillows, duvet, and other little design features. It also features soft bronze and silver metallic tones.

Similarly, the master bedroom and ensuite feature a bronze finish mixed in with the same creamy whites and neutral grays throughout. The spacious area reflects the rest of the open floor design in the house. With gold accents and marble finishes, the result was a luxurious space fit for an elevated lifestyle.