San Marcos Poolside Kitchen Remodel

This San Marcos kitchen remodel features a gorgeous pool view and uses light colors to highlight the natural light coming from outside.

Though small, the space has enough storage, with strategically placed cabinets that use wall space. Inside, cabinets feature a sliding organization system allowing cooking tools, spices, and other kitchen staples to be easily pulled out and stored away again.

The white finish on the cabinets enhances the bright, natural light that comes from inside, making the room feel larger without adding any actual space. A small seating area features four woven chairs, with a pearlescent chandelier overhead to ground the table in the room. The light fixture and chairs add a beach feel while also keeping things bright.

Black countertops add a touch of modern sophistication to the design without overwhelming the coastal feeling of the space. The same dark color is reflected in the table, chair legs, and the dark black floor.

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